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  1. sacex250

    Off Landings and Law Suits.

    Why are you listening to someone who's claiming that he's rounding up lawyers from all over the country?
  2. sacex250

    need advice please

    How much do you weigh? Do you already have a container?
  3. sacex250

    Colleges with DZ's nearby

    University of California, Davis 10.8 Miles Sacramento State University 31.6 Miles Skydance Skydiving
  4. sacex250

    What to do if your rig/gear is stolen.

    What if it's stolen during freefall?
  5. sacex250

    Demo 'close call' ?

    HELL-O U-TAH! It's the 21st century calling!
  6. sacex250

    a different view of chute size....

    Here's some useful information from Performance Designs, especially the last section about Minimum Wing Loading.
  7. sacex250

    Storm's toggles length

    Could it be that your arms are just too short? Sorry, couldn't resist.