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  1. I would think the problem it would create is that you would be short of staff for the day. And if you have a lot of tandems booked, then you may not get them all jumped. And that equates to a loss of income for the drop zone and unhappy customers. You don't see all of that as a problem?
  2. Welcome! "My Profile", "Edit Picture".
  3. Did you try Wa-mart? They have a small skydiving area, but it's hidden way in a back corner of the sporting goods section. Just ask a clerk for directions, and they'll be able to show you to it.
  4. What the heck are you talking about? By "wing" do you mean wingsuit, or canopy? If canopy, then the glide ratio is much better than 1:1. They may advertise a "glide ratio". You're an engineer - you should understand that "1:1" is incorrect in the context in which you used it.
  5. For someone like me to try it. It would be called suicide. For those that actually have the skills? It's their choice to make. They know the risks just as well as we do. Right. Therefore you can't make a blanket statement that pushing the envelope is a good thing. It depends upon who is doing the pushing and whether or not they are properly prepared to do so. Is it a good idea for a 16-year old teenage male to push the envelope by driving 100 mph with his new learner's permit?
  6. It is if you don't know what the heck you're doing.
  7. Do those two sentences seem to go together properly to you?
  8. People dieing attempting dumb things is not bad? Please explain.
  9. Click "Tools", "Internet Options", "Privacy", checkmark "Turn on pop-up blocker".
  10. Yes. Degree of difficulty depending upon wing-loading and headwind.
  11. "Low performance" in this case means both a lower wing-loading, and a lower aspect ratio. Read up on "aspect ratio". Wide skinny tapered wings are more likely to go crazy than more blocky rectangular wings. And don't think that "low performance" canopies are any kind of guarantee against scary malfunctions. They aren't. Malfunctions can happen to any canopy at any time. And if you jump long enough, it WILL happen sooner or later. So you should have the mental mindset to be able to handle that. If you don't, you shouldn't get involved in this sport.
  12. Website error when clicked...503 Service Temporary Unavailable, I would check with your webhost about the issue. Worked for me. So, no student jumping there?
  13. Obama's 'missing year' at Columbia found? Two separate database reports from the National Student Clearinghouse have contradicted President Obama’s claim he attended Columbia University for two years. The reports have added to the intrigue generated by Obama’s unwillingness to discuss his time at the Ivy League institution, his refusal to release educational records, and the fact that many political science students and faculty there in the early 1980s say they don’t remember him... Unlike previous presidents, Obama has refused to release any transcripts or other documentation regarding his education, going back to Kindergarten... Why do these things keep happening to Obama? Maybe if he would just release his records, it would clear up all this confusion. Or does he have something to hide?
  14. A new poll for The Hill found 56 percent of likely voters believe Obama’s first term has transformed the nation in a negative way, compared to 35 percent who believe the country has changed for the better under his leadership.