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  1. Just curious why do you say that? I would think adding a rig would significantly change your aerodynamics and center of mass... especially for backfly and sitfly...
  2. They don't have them at my tunnel... it was the first thing I asked.
  3. If I were you I would research historical legal cases so you are making points from actual data related skydiving lawsuits as opposed to assumptions based on what people tell you in an internet forum. You could also consult a personal injury or wrongful death attorney for purposes of research, although that could be expensive, most attorneys will chat with you over the phone for a few minutes or so for free and give you enough general information that you could use it as a starting point to do more research. One thing I do know, although I am no expert, is that injury and death lawsuits typically run in the millions, which even losing a single one would completely wipe out and bankrupt a DZ. Injury and/or death has occured at most larger DZ's throughout the US (I assume you're writing this from a US perspective, after all we lead the way in being excessively litigious). Just browse through dropzone.com's fatality database. The fact that every one of those DZ's continues to operate proves to me that waivers definitely do hold up; although again in the context of a research paper I would research the actual data and draw your conclusions from there.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD95-QJMiOs
  5. Perhaps not the best way to stow the brakes? (image attached)
  6. A wingsuiter from Iran with a flag? Or am I supposed to read more into it?
  7. Better yet, if you want to maximize the value you get for your budget, look into getting a custom built laptop. I've had my MSI notebook from XoticPC for a year now and could not be more happy. Just select whatever video card, processor, hard drive, and memory fit your requirements, and you'll have exactly what you need instead of being stuck with the limited choices Apple has to offer.
  8. I suspected as much... my landings have always been spot on but my openings haven't been the best; have had a lot of line twists and off-headings. As much as I would like to downsize, I have come to the realization I need to sort out my opening issues first.
  9. First, what size have you been jumping on your student jumps?
  10. I thought I heard this somewhere but am not sure; will I have a greater chance of line twists during an opening with less-than-ideal body position, on a smaller canopy? Assuming make/model is the same.
  11. What's your exit weight and what main are you flying?
  12. It had to have been someone who knew a thing or two about airplanes, though. Your average whuffo isn't going to know what a fire bottle is, or that pulling them will create a mess.
  13. From what I understand they've located the canopy. The only reason I didn't come back during the week was because I did not have (and could not get) those days off, otherwise I would have. What I don't get is why there aren't insurance policies covering the rental rigs; when I rent a car from Enterprise or wherever I can pay a little extra for an insurance policy that they have through an outside company. Why not do the same thing with rental rigs and require jumpers to purchase it or at least require A-licenses and below to purchase it. Gear is covered; inexperienced jumpers remain safe; insurance companies continue to make obscene amounts of money; all is well with the world.
  14. I know that is probably true, but based on their reaction to it (as well as to a prior chop) it would seem like they prefer mistake II. Don't get me wrong I love the DZ and the staff is overall a great group of people, but I don't like the situation I feel I have been put in. I feel like I have been taught, whether they intended to or not, that I better not chop a bad main. Most likely I will just wait until I can afford my own gear before jumping again, there or anywhere else. Silver of course...