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  1. Well after some looking around all of the "major" places are asking the same and PD doesn't do a .mil discount. No biggie just watch the classifieds. Thanks for the help all.
  2. Whats the best place (price) to pick up an optimum 143? I'm active military if it helps. Thanks in advance.
  3. Eloy, Elisnore and Z-hills are all looking pretty good. Flights to phoenix are decent and 1K for 50 looks good but hows the temps that time of year?
  4. looking to get about 50 in. Somewhere where the weather dosen't suck. Loads turning 7 days a week is a must. Cheap places to stay and things near by would be nice. I'll also be due for a repack (coming home off of deployment) but I'll be current.
  5. very true. but at only 100ft i just wanted it to stay put behind the main and not turn into a down-plane. not so much steering as just very small adjustments. and not to even attempt to sound like a know it all the "EP" sheet you gave me says "fly gently" for a bi-plane. and after i landed i read the sim again to compare and had to slap myself when i read and remembered i should have been gently steering the front canopy. in any case i'm glad to have walked away and been able to learn from something like this.
  6. Did a hop-n-pop from just above 3K due to visibility on a sabre one (the third that day). had a nice stable exit watching the plane go for a three count then pitched. when i felt pressure on the risers i looked up and saw the canopy sniveling for a split second before it slammed open HARD at about 2.6K. had about 4 line twist. kicked out fairly quickly and was under a good canopy and collapsed the slider at about 2.3K. i was doing some tight turns to about 1900ft. at 1500 feet i was in a slow turn to get in the pattern heard a beep then a thud (the cypress firing) followed by a pulse to my back (reserve iniating). looked over my shoulder and saw a pilot chute as the reserve hit line stretch. thought about chopping for a split second but i was worried about it becoming entangled in the inflating reserve. when the reserve inflated it went straight to a bi-plane. The field at OSC is huge so i wasn't to concerned about hitting anything but the runway. it felt stable and the reserve was staying right behind the main until about 100 ft when i got into some turbulence but steering the reserve with the risers kept it behind the main. i landed about 20 yards short of the runway as the plane landed with a gentle PLF.... took a second to think about what had all happened and then hopped back in the plane for the taxi back to the DZ. I would have gone for another just to get back on the horse if you will but the ceilings were coming down.
  7. Hey there been lurking on here for a while figure I might as well join and contribute.... Just went down to STF and got my A ticket punched.... and did an extra 14 jumps for good measure :) Thanks to everyone down there!!! Made the trip worth every last cent. So sad I had to leave. The St. Patty's day boogie was amazing as well. Went to OSC and did a few jumps to include my first mal/bi-plane on #42... not so fun but learned from it and walked away... have a few video's to share as well. http://youtu.be/mkuLG4kGBdc http://youtu.be/NdggTwbbnd0
  8. Did a lot of research on this website before choosing where to go to do an "A" license package. The cost was great the value was unbeatable. I can rant and rave all I want but you have to go to experience it. I flew in to ATL and the drive was easy enough. I drop shipped a tent there and it was waiting for me on arrival (late sat night). Everyone was quick to introduce themselves and made me feel right at home. That didn't change for the 10 days I stayed there. All aspects of training were very in depth and professional. Andy did a great job with the first jump course. All of the AFF-I's, coaches, or just other experienced jumpers there were quick to help any way they could. Never had the feeling of I didn't know what was going on. I got 4 jumps in before I tagged along down to the boogie in Fitz. Hans got my remaining 3 AFF jumps coordinated and done within the first 3 hours of the boogie. The rental gear is newer and well looked after. While I was there they did not have their own plane (they now do) and I still managed 39 jumps my short time. Hans will do what it takes to get you what you need. Manifest was friendly and helpful. The packers did great and are fast. From what I can tell this would be a great place to go for anything fun jumping, a tandem, or for AFF. Did not seem "clickish" or to cater to one group more than another.