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  1. The helmet in your picture is a Cookie Gas (G1). The visor does not open.
  2. Tinley

    Dropzones in France

    I've jumped in Gap. Great DZ. No issues with the language, canopy size or lack of a logbook.
  3. Tinley

    How Much Tunnel Time?

    A better question to ask would be how many skydives does it take. Some people with 10, 100 or even a 1000 of tunnel hours have trouble exiting, diving/floating, approaching and even staying on level in a group/formation skydive. The only thing to teach one to comfortably fly a slot, in any orientation, is a lot skydives. I would expect that number to increase as the complexity of the orientation increases.
  4. Tinley

    Tracking feet first

    Something like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpOBW1Kk5Iw&feature=related It's steeper than a track but same concept. Never seen anyone transition to this position but would imagine it to be pretty awesome.
  5. Tinley

    Liquid sky?

    What exactly are you asking? Design suggestions, features, fit size? I emailed Julio about questions I had concerning suit design and so forth to which he never responded. But I went ahead and followed through with my order and got a quote back within a couple of days. I was happy with it so I sent it through. I received a phone call from Julio describing how the suit turned out. Soon after I received it and it was EXACTLY how I designed it... No more, no less. I have since sent him an email about the addition of Cordura, he responded in about a week or so. All in all, I think your best option is to call them OR go ahead with your order and maybe once it has been quoted and he knows what you are looking for he would be more inclined to discuss things in more detail via email. Trust me, it's worth it. You would love the suit.