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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I just got back. I made it to Paraclub Aix and OJB in Mimizan. Both places were great and everyone was super friendly and welcoming. I headed to a third place on the advice of a local and unfortunately wasn't able to make it to Royan.
  2. that's awesome, how did you get the chance to make a jump out of it?
  3. What's with the life time limit? Some sort of ungodly expensive AD?
  4. Awesome that's the type of info I was after, thank you
  5. Thanks for the heads up about canopy size, I had no idea. Exactly why I started this thread. I'm an open minded guy, so any DZ a jumper on here had a good time at is reason enough for me to check it out.
  6. I'm looking to bum around france in a campervan in July. Thinking of making some stops at DZs. Just curious about good ones to go to that'll let me park and used to international jumpers. Trying to pick up some French before the trip, but language will be an issue. Thanks