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  1. Hello, I've wondered this for quite some time. Lets say you have a USPA B License and wanted to go to another country to skydive, will that license be valid in a country like Europe? Can a U.S citizen get trained in another country and obtain a license? Would it be valid here in the U.S?
  2. I wonder though, since I have already done a tandem at 19, should I need to do another to count it towards the AFF course? One tandem is required for the AFF course and is included with the package price. This tandem jump was done merely for fun to see if I would like skydiving in general. I am not planning to do another tandem until I graduate. Hmmm, maybe after I graduate from my college (3 more yrs.) I should try getting a job at the Casa Grande Municipal Airport as an air traffic controller. Less than a 30 min drive would be nice.
  3. I think physical condition is way more important than age.
  4. What age is "too old" for skydiving? In other words, is 30 or 40 years old to late to begin an AFF course?
  5. Re: losing instructors in AFF see this: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4378576#4378576 Re line twists at night: Typically these jumps are in full moon. With eyes well adapted to darkness it is typically VERY easy to see the canopy and lines well. Thanks for replying, One last question. When night flying to obtain your USPA D license, are you required to enter formation? (I know this has nothing to do about obtaining my class A license)
  6. This will all be covered in your first jump course. Just go to your course with an open mind and a view to learn and you will be fine. Yes, they teach and stress emergency procedures as part of that. I just saw this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD9Zno15GRw Thats why I made my post.
  7. Hello, I did my first tandem jump and really enjoyed it. I decided I would like to take skydiving up as a sport with safety as my number one priority. However, I understand cutaway's may happen and are not extremely rare, but what about if you have double line twist? (In other words, a line twist on your main and reserve). In AFF courses, do they teach and stress emergency procedures? Secondly, what are the odds of being separated on your FJC? I assume the instructor would be trying to attach himself with the beginner jumper. Next, and this is something I am not planning to do for a long time, as earning my A-License is my main concern. But, during night skydiving, how can you see if you have a line twist? Do you just sense something is wrong? Heck, you can't even see the horizon.
  8. Haha, yea, that's why I am planning to skydive when it gets a little bit cooler. Maybe in November? Should there be icing problems or freezing temperatures during November when Skydiving?
  9. Thanks for the reply. If I sat on a seat I would be just fine. From what it looks like, Skydive Arizona has benches in their Twin Otter. I don't think anyone is allowed to sit on the floor when ascending.
  10. Hello, I am going to be tandem skydiving at my DZ but would like some advice: 1.) First, how crammed is it in the jump plane? They are using a Twin Otter for their aircraft. I have a small phobia of being claustrophibic when near a lot of people. Also, how long does it take from boarding to reaching the drop height? 2.) Secondly, when is the best month to skydive in? I know I won't get motion sickness as I never had before and I won't get sick either.