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  1. A worthy book: John Derosalia Mental Training for Skydiving and Life. Copies are available on Amazon. He worked with several teams in the late 90's. I have no idea what he's doing now. I met him at a competition. He's a really nice guy and I could see how he would be good to work with. He still has a website:
  2. Why don't you contact the manufacturer of your Wings, Sunrise Manufacturing? They will probably give you the best advice for your rig and you can get a new pilot chute from them. I've found them to be very helpful.
  3. Struggle Struggle Thump... Oh, wait...maybe that should be under the pull-out thread
  4. What software package are you using to model and print your design?
  5. I think you should take a seam ripper to them and create a pattern for your next little project.
  6. Try contacting Skydive Oregon. He used to work out there and they might have a contact number.
  7. Joe and Theresa at SDO run a very tight ship. They have high quality aircraft that they obviously spend a lot of money to keep in top shape. They have staff that are top notch. If you're a student, they have great gear that is very well maintained.