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  1. Great story. We had a nice crane down here that was about 400' high with a 2' light at the end which gave three of us a similar visual one night. We climbed the building, got through the lock (thanks to a multi-talented jumper on the load) and into the crane. After walking the boom, jumping and landing I think the first thing we all said to each other was "damn man, did you see your shadow?!?!? I think that was the last jump we got off the boom since the operator kept finding his cab unlocked and the crane moved close to an adjacent parking lot which was our LZ.
  2. Hey- Where did you buy it and what was the price. (PM me if you want to) I saw prices from ~$1300 to ~$1600 but was afeared, being the pansy that I am, of ordering from an unknown web-based company in order to save a few dollars. Hope you get it soon so we can all hear how it functions!
  3. SkyFlyer

    just got my #

    Congrats Zennie and Faber, if you ever get over to Atlanta give a shout and we'll find something to jump. Baxter. Base 733.
  4. I looked at the comparison pages and the 330 looks to be noticeably better than the 120 but I'm also interested in anyone's first hand experience with the camera just to see if it lives up to its billing... Anyone have a 330? Thanks.
  5. Hey- This looks like a great trip, I checked out the website but didn't see any information on the organizers. Is it somewhere on the site and I just missed it? Thanks.
  6. SkyFlyer

    open corners

    Checked out your website and saw the "slit" into which the corner fits, nice design. Just one comment, with the original design being developed by Morpheus, I think credit should be given to the originator of the concept especially if you're going to refer to it as "dynamic corners". See:
  7. Any idea what a like new, one year old Sony PC-120 (with the Blue Tooth stuff) would/should go for? Thanks for the help.
  8. SkyFlyer

    antenna safety

    For the most part I'd just use common sense: don't linger any longer than necessary, climb quickly past any dishes or aerials, don't stare into waveguides, don't touch coax, Dude, you told me that I'd catch a good buzz if I stuck my head in front of that big ass dish the other night and man did I...
  9. 200+ jumps on my Cobalt 95 (w/l 1.8) and love it. No mals, opens well with my wingsuit and swoops great. Also a big fan of the Troll, both vented and non-vented.
  10. Condolences to family and friends. Anyone know the name of the jumper or more details? We were just there last week and have our fingers crossed that it wasn't one of our friends...
  11. This may be old news to you guys... but check out today's "USA Today" in the Life section for a cool article on wingsuits in the new Tomb Raider movie. 733.
  12. SkyFlyer

    Lock Picking

    These guys have some nice tools... Some of their products are cheaper than calling a locksmith when your locked out. 733
  13. I have two Gargoyles and love them both. To echo Tom's comments, the pin cover's tuck flap design is great. Very secure without creating any risk that the wrap-around design may present. Many of the points where the rig contacts the body, such as shoulders and back, are padded so that items such as three rigs do not rest directly against the body with only a layer or two of material between. This provides a much more insulated and solid feeling rig. I like the trapizodial shape which is not only streamlined but seems to fit my crappy pack jobs where there is not too much tail at the top. Morpheus' customer service is great and extends into the attention to detail they take with such minor issues like trying to match up tie-dye. Take a look at the photo of my rig on the floor and you can see how nicely the flaps come together to make a circle. The black spots are from too many greasy urban jumps with 311. (forgive my lumpy pack job, it did open nice off the "B" that night, btw.) Lastly, not that I know jack about flippy-dos, but the articulation was right on with where my legs rotated upward making aerials less restricted due to gear issues. 733.
  14. Hey Elisa, nice to meet you over Memorial Day, hope your ankle heals quickly. Baxter.