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  1. lazyfrog

    Safire 2

    I have a 139 loaded at approx 1.3, just love flying it. Openings are very soft and long (some people don't like that, I do), just have to think not to pull too low. Although I had 2 hard ones out of 150. Never understood why... Can happen... Maybe something wrong while packing, maybe some kind of line dump.. Don't know... It's definitely a great canopy for me. Not too extreme, but with already some nice performance.
  2. lazyfrog

    Paraclub Valais

    cheapest tickets in Switz (33chf for members, 38 for non members). But you can only have 8 people on the Porter, hard to get on any plane when there are lots of jumpers. Impossible to become a member if you are already in another club :-( scenery in sion and raron is incredible, you're so close to the mountains. But if you get a beerline, you don't pay beer for everybody, you have to give cash :-(
  3. lazyfrog

    Paraclub Fribourg - Switzerland

    Nice place, nice people, but for the scenery, the mountains are too far
  4. lazyfrog


    I now have purchased my 1st rig, with a 150 Sabre... I like it but the performance (glide rate, air speed) is not very actual. It is nevertheless a good wing which I would recommend to people with 50 jumps depending on their canopy control faculties.
  5. lazyfrog

    Skydive Empuriabrava

    went there to end my consolidation jumps, and a few fun ones... the people are great, the scenery incredible... if you want to understand what I mean, try the sunset load...
  6. lazyfrog

    Skydive Miami

    Very friendly people, from the manifest to the rigger, not forgetting instructors, videomen and pilots. That's the place I started skydiving, and they really gave me a good taste of it. The only thing they didn't warn me about, was how addictive it can be... Go there. Special thanks to Greg, Don and Jeff
  7. lazyfrog

    Ecole de parachutisme de Chateau-d'Oex

    After starting my IAF at Skydive Miami (great!), I met Andreas who helped me finishing the AFF. Went to jump a week end in Gruyeres in an incredible place, mountains, lakes and cows... Breathtaking... People are really friendly, the Porter brings you up real fast, and then.... just enjoy the view... and the friendliness of everybody on the DZ... very good restaurant at the airfield, loads of people coming to say hello... THE PLACE TO BE