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  1. freeflysoul

    New BMI's

    Congrats dudes! Welcome to the flock!!!
  2. freeflysoul

    Garzigliana Wingsuit Weekend - Photos

    Thx to you, James 4 all!!! Nice one bro, you're the man!!!
  3. freeflysoul

    BASE(ish) jump vid

    mmmmhhh.... maybe I've already seen this guy in past... OLD OLD OLD video, bro! It was Loic's swoop included in Soul Flyers DVD... re-re-re-re-repost!
  4. freeflysoul

    Swedes home from Lauterbrunnen with photos

    Hey dudes! Really cool pics!!! But, just curious... what suit is this one?
  5. freeflysoul

    Hello new Bird Man suits...!

    I think there are too much people around who are rushing to buy newest WS without to know how to properly fly an "old" WS already on the market... I've seen good flyers in a Prodigy smoking people flying V1's... Also a same suit can fly really different when used by 2 different pilots, also due to their physical characteristhics... I don't think that a S3-S (or S6, how do you prefer to call it...) is a bad suit and for sure it is still a very good suit with great performances. There are too much people around who are only feeling the fashion while they should take a better training on their suits before to buy more advanced models. On the other side, me too I expected to see a totally different design by the new BirdMan suit, but this could be an intermediate step before the spring season when maybe we'll can see new models...
  6. freeflysoul


    SICK!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the full movie!!!!! Fu(kin cool!!!