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  1. +1 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  2. No probs at all dude! 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  3. How do you wear it on a wingsuit? 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  4. Usually they reply to my emails no later than one hour after I click the "send" button... 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  5. Having similar problem here... Just received an email from italian custom asking 103 euro's for VAT, custom charges and a 34,00 eur fine because they declared a lower value and the custom asked me to send them a copy of the HUD order, of my CC receipt, of my ID and a long series of declarations about my purchase... And my package is locked at the custom since 12 days... Totally disappointed!!! 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  6. same for me... at least, to clarify, I haven't received yet any email for the shipping, but I did received an email for the delay... 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  7. Naaaa... Referral "sunder" 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  8. Despite all technical improvements, I ordered my Recon HUD not for trusting on them for my life, but just for fun and to have an instrument showing plus or less how I'm flying my ws. Like a Flysight... The use of these tools should be reserved to advanced pilots, not for beginners, and not forgiving the normal awareness required for any kind of skydive (or BASE Jump). This would be a first step on improving instruments to aid the ws piloting... Let's see what technology can do for our sport. Recon has done the first step... 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  9. In BASE there's an old discussion about qualifying an object as Building or Other (i.e.: a grain silo). Some of the BASE pioneers said about this arguing "ask a children what is it"... I'd apply the same solution to this...
  10. Come on guys... denying what is so obvious, now, is completely out of intellectual honesty... 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  11. Why jumping Spinetto's with a WS? Life is already soooooo complicated... Take care and don't get your packer a rich man 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  12. Practically speaking, I think if we count Kittinger's drogue fall as "unrestrained motion", then we should probably also put wingsuit flight in the same category. Setting aside the comments of the announcers, I love that wingsuit technology has advanced to the point where this is even a question. I love that there are so many shades of gray between "constrained" and "unconstrained" motion. I imagine that, when the record was first set, it seemed relatively obvious what would count as freefall and what wouldn't. We've filled that gap with all kinds of fun activities! Michael +1 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  13. Thx again duuuuude!!! 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104
  14. a bit off topic, but my Protrack in SLO mode doesn't work well when jumping my Apache... it shows an opening just after 3 or 4 seconds after exit... any tips to solve it? Back to the Fury, what kind of fabric is made of? 3,2,1,C-YA!!! V. BASE #1075 / BMI #I-002 / PFI #042 / EGI #104