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  1. digdog

    Texas and Colorado

    Anybody know of beginner sites in these states that could send info. thru snail mail? Thanks, Dig
  2. To anyone that's actually been to bridgeday. This will be my first BASE jump at the bridge which will probably be a water landing. How deep is it and is it advisable to jump a rig that's still wet? Thanks
  3. digdog

    antenna safety

    Only thing we have out here where I live is antennas. Any study done to see how safe the radio signals are on average antennas (1000ft or smaller)?
  4. I live in S.E.Texas and want to jump a Balloon and a chopper. Does anyone know somebody that would be willing to take me up? Don't get many oppurtunities around here. Thanks
  5. digdog

    used gear

    I'm trying to get myself ready for bridge day which will be my first B.A.S.E. jump and I just bought some used Equip. I finally comitted. I got a Wizard with a Dagger 240 although I'm trying to get a bigger canopy. Both with about 100 jumps. I'm 6'3" and about 210lbs. When I received the rig I noticed it had a type 17 chest strap. Doesn't seem like much t hold yu in. It's not wrapped around the webbing just sewn into it. Has there been any problems with BASE chest straps or harness inparticular with the "Wizard"? Also, it has no side stiffeners though I know it,s better to have them to reduce PIT, but has this been a big problem concerning these types of rigs? O.K. I guess I'm trying to find out if there has been any main concerns dealing with the Wizard container or the Dagger whether older or new? Thanks P.S. For bridge day would a Dagger 240 be sufficient for my size if I don't find a larger one in time. I got a little over 200 skydives and haveI guss average canopy abilities for that many jumps?