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  1. I was going to mention that Panny. Golly do I look stoned in that picture.
  2. No they don't, they use HFS+.
  3. We have at least one case where a tail strike resulted in the loss of consciousness but the AAD still fired successfully. Can you give some details on this? I'm familiar with Steve Harrington's death in 2009 (Elsinore, at the 68 Way), where he struck the tail and the AAD did activate, but the ground he exited over was significantly higher than the DZ and he impacted the ground before the reserve fully extracted. (I don't know if we ever got a definitive autopsy indicating whether he was dead on impact with the tail or the ground impact killed Steve.) Is there another incident where it saved a life? Or are you referring to Steve's situation, where the AAD technically "fired successfully" but not at an altitude that would permit the reserve to, you know, work. Steve's is the one I'm talking about. Everything I've read showed it had fired in the correct parameters. Is this not correct?
  4. We have at least one case where a tail strike resulted in the loss of consciousness but the AAD still fired successfully.
  5. Just remember, you can have up to a 10% difference in volume from one canopy to the next due to variances in the materials.
  6. Because measuring altitude via GPS is no where near as good as measuring it via barometric pressure.
  7. Want some knowledge on this? Canopies can vary in their pack volume by up to 10%, so if you have your reserve and your main on the high side of this variable, you're going to have a bear of a time getting your main closed. Also, the deployment bags for the reserve and main can vary in their material thickness and how much they add to the total volume of the pack job. Add in the differences of packing in different climates, if you're in a dry climate, packing can be a bit more difficult. This isn't even touching the fact that your reserve when jammed in there tight is going to piss off your rigger. If you have a main total malfunction, it may very well take your reserve longer to extract as the two packjobs are crammed together. A tight main can also stretch and screw up the container over time.
  8. Fuck Frankfurt, it's up there on my least favorite airports list.
  9. Really? The one who claims to represent the whole wingsuit community (they sure as shit do not represent me) that goes to the BOD meeting where they are reprimanded for providing false data in their quickly hodge podged hail mary survey that included, non skydivers, non wingsuiters and non USPA members, and for generally composing themselves in a deplorable manner. The one who did not work tirelessly to update the SIM's section on wingsuiting significantly yet attacks the person you did. The one who has provided zero constructive feedback. The one who changed the base on the most recent record so that it would fit after the dive, otherwise it would not have. The one who keeps clinging to a shitty formation standard claiming we are different because we have no competition system compared to FS and VFS. We have a competition system that just doesn't work well with their chosen giant suits. And the one who is organizing a 100 way (maybe 100) who can't safely conduct a 2 way. I am sick and tired of seeing this person trying to pull the wool over everyones' eyes.
  10. I can see the need, different manufacturers have different lengths for bridle attachment inside the bag.
  11. I can see that you don't like the situation, and there are plenty of reasons for that, but why would it technically be a violation of any TSO? Wouldn't it be the same if I jumped with my handles duct taped to my rig? Nothing to do with the rig TSO, just not very smart? Maybe an FAA violation if one argued that in functional terms, I was no longer jumping a 2-canopy rig (but I'd have to check the wording to be sure)? The pilot is ultimately responsible for letting you enter and exit the aircraft in their command and one those responsibilities is that those intending to jump have rigs that are in compliance.
  12. Sigmas have a pass of seal thread at the link IIRC, to keep the un-cascaded brake lines organized. Not a toggle I know.
  13. Factory Diver with an alti mount on mudflap and have no problems.