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    UPT sizing chart

    First rig setup had a V308 with a OP 143 reserve and Pulse 150 as my initial setup. Barely could even offer $10 to pay a packer to pack my pulse 150 into it..... Not comfortable setup, felt very brick like, and not recommended however it did fit. If you do choose to go for OP 143 in V308, which is tight but doable, do get a 120 sized canopy for better all around comfort and not to mention ease of packing.
  2. mchamp

    canopy sizing for the new Vector 300?

    Any update/more info on this yet?
  3. mchamp

    Accommodation in Dubai?

    The cheapest somewhat nearby hotel to the palm DZ is the IBIS al barsha hotel (10-15min cab ride to DZ, cabs are relatively cheap) which if I can recall correctly was around $120 USD a night? Then again that was during New Years for their boogie so I'm sure they hiked up the prices all around? If you are comfortable with staying in other people's homes, I'd recommend looking into airbnb where you pay significantly less and you usually end up meeting quite interesting people while staying at their home/room for a reasonable price. G'luck finding something and have plenty of fun!
  4. mchamp

    small canopy big container

    It might have adequate pin tension I don't know as it depends on various factors such as humid or dry weather & new 120 or 1000jumps on your 120, but you might get away with it. Pack it and find out if there is enough pin tension and if you are not sure then ask your rigger. Shortening your closing loop may help the situation. Saying that, I don't recommend it nor do I condone it as per the manufacture not listing it/recommending it paired with that size canopy. Stating the obvious: And if there isn't adequate pin tension and your rigger deems it not suitable then its simply time to buy a smaller container. Or just keep your current rig setup. What's the big deal? For one you might end up with a horseshoe malfunction.......
  5. Unfortunately no full time/active DZ's in Indonesia. Your next best/closest bet will be Bangkok with 2 DZ's (re)/opening soon or 1 DZ in Northern Thailand open now, (hard to get to though) Indonesia has some competition events held roughly once or twice a year right outside jakarta from a CN235 & sometimes C130's with only 40ish people inside.....!! All competing 4 way FS. I think 90% of the teams that compete are military so you kind of have to know someone or be in the military of some sort to be "invited/qualified" Feel free to pm me if you want any additional info
  6. I'm not sure what JM1 and CH2 is, but I'm sure you could do that at Skydive Empuriabrava in Spain (closest and WARMEST to the UK that I can think of during that time frame) as I'm sure there are many people knowledgable about BPA there as well as qualified instructors.
  7. Guess no one went to this event last year despite all the 400-500ish random people who "relaxed" at the DZ huh?
  8. mchamp


    You should focus on scuba in Thailand if you do scuba or sightseeing. That place has been closed for almost a year. There is another place to jump though up north but only cessna 172 for $49 a pop to 10k (mssg me if you want someone to jump with I'll join ya if you do decide to jump there...they're looking to get a caravan not sure when). Funny as it seems like so many people are coming to Thailand in April that I know and many Asian jumpers are going to Cali or Australia. link below for website and info
  9. mchamp

    Looking for peeps tp fly with SF Bay

    Yea most definitely, but will only be in the (lodi) area till April 2nd. Lemme know!
  10. haha sadly not, they've been closed since June 2011. On their facebook page they've been saying that they'll open next month since last June soooo yea....... Anyhow, if you REALLY want to jump go to Bird's Paradise Extreme resort 1hr outside of Udon Thani airport. Good vibes and people, but now they've only got a cessna 172.......yea 40min ride to 10k for $49 USD
  11. mchamp

    new video-"The Palm" Made it clicky !
  12. mchamp

    Picts of a go pro and a g2/3?

    In reference to how it compares to a contour Video comparison Or below copied and paste without link to the video comparison Video shot with the HD Hero looked good. This looks way better. They put a fancy new sensor in there and it really delivers. Colors were way more vibrant and realistic, details were sharper, and brightness and contrast are much more balanced. The older Hero had a tendency to be washed out and blown out; that doesn't happen anymore (see first water shots in the video). You can also now get a full 170 degree field of view while shooting 1080p, and it has more options for frame-rates and sizes. It can shoot stills at 11 megapixels vs 5 megapixels on the Hero 1, and it can process images much faster, meaning you can take a time-lapse with one shot every half-second, or you can shoot 10-shot-per-second bursts. The Hero's UI has been refined, making it much easier to set up. It's actual words on the little screen now, not incomprehensible abbreviations. There are now 4 LEDs that blink while you're recording, so you know you're rolling no matter which way it's facing. The Hero 2 has added a mini HDMI out and some built-in Wi-Fi awesomeness. GoPro's upcoming Wi-Fi BacPac will allow for remote control and realtime streaming from the Hero 2, which is pretty sweet. Lastly, the Hero 2 is the exact same size/shape/configuration as the Hero 1, meaning all of your Hero 1 accessories will fit just fine, including the LCD BacPac which allows you to line up your shots and play them back. And yes, it still comes with its housing that makes it waterproof to 180 feet. No Like The Hero 2 performs poorly in nighttime settings, as you can see in the night-biking shots at the end of the comparison video. Yes, it makes the images brighter than the Contour ROAM it was next to, but it brings in a ton of noise and graininess to do it. Also, while the UI is extremely improved over its last iteration, that's not saying a ton. Navigating through the settings is still a slow, unwieldy process. Also, the buttons can be stiff, which sometimes makes turning it on/off tougher. Oww my ears! At the default setting the Hero 2 is super loud. I had to turn it down 4-7db in the video because it was peaking like crazy. There's a setting for wind-reduction which I haven't messed with yet, but it seems to me that the default should have a bit less gain. Also, while it's great that there's a mounting system for virtually every application you can think of, it's worth noting that setting these up is not always easy and intuitive. To mount it to my handle bars I would have had to put a strange 90-degree extender on it that would have made it extremely unstable. Instead I opted to hang it upside down from a bar-end, which wasn't ideal. Full size Should I Buy It? Bottom line: this thing is killer. While I still want to do some more testing to be sure, if I had to pick one from all the sports cams currently on the market, I'd grab this one. The images it takes are great. It's not just HD-sized, it actually looks HD. I like the Contour ROAM a lot, but the Hero 2 has more options and the image quality simply wins. I really didn't like how the Hero 2 looked on my night-ride, but you're more likely to using it during daylight hours, anyway. I expect to see a lot these nestled under "Holiday Flora" come December (how's that for non-denominational?). You can get the Surf Edition, Outdoor Edition, or Motorsports Edition, all of which are available now for $299. [GoPro] Notes on the Comparison Video: -There are great waves and great surfers in Hawaii, and there are great trails and great mountain bikers in Colorado. I'm a blogger and I live in Brooklyn. Working with what I've got here. -This video is compressed somewhat, but if you watch it at 1080p it'll give you a pretty good idea of how they compare. -In the biking shots with the ROAM you'll notice that the vibration makes the screen look almost liquid, where as the Heroes managed it pretty well. It's possible that this is because of the way the ROAM was mounted (a special rubber strap), or maybe the Heros just absorb shock better. -I haven't yet received my surf kit for the ROAM so I had to leave it out of the water test. -The night shots were filmed on two separate nights. The ROAM had the disadvantage of it being slightly rainy, but for my money it still looks better. The Hero 2 may be brighter, but the image looks terrible. UPDATE: If you want to see what the Hero 2 is really capable of, here is GoPro's official promo video. Not surprisingly, it is much, much cooler than mine
  13. mchamp

    future of freefly -

    As I stated on the video "Are you guys fucking kidding me?! Such amazing routines and flying! HOLY SHIT still can't lift my jaw up." Seriously some unique and well thought out ideas & tons of planning applied. Props to you guys as always for pushing this sport forward and thinking outside the box for things that have never been accomplished before! All this creativity is truly inspiring!
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    UPT V308 Micron

  15. mchamp

    UPT V308 Micron back

  16. mchamp

    Helmet Porn

    What are the pro's and con's of this newly released helmet? Personally the top plate looks a bit smaller with not enough room to expand other items or larger camera's. any comments?
  17. mchamp


    First off, I am a person that thoroughly researches and reads each and every minute detail down to nitty gritty. Then and only then with months and months of constant research, asking around instructors/friends and comparing different rigs in person I came to the conclusion that the Vector3 Micron is absolute pinnacle of modern skydiving rigs. Lastly you also have to understand that the person who developed and made skydiving what it is today (3 ring, pull out, skyhook etc) is Bill Booth the founder of UPT! With all that being said I purchased a brand new Vector 3 Micron and picked it up during the very first skydive Expo down in DeLand FL. I can not even begin to explain how comfortable the rig hangs off of your shoulders and around your back with the 3D spacer foam along with the correct measurement of course. Loaded up with all the options(Magnetic riser covers, Skyhook, Spectra ripcord etc...) I KNOW for a fact that there is no rig better, more comfortable, safer, and well developed/tested other than the Vector3 Micron of UPT. Hands down the BEST rig and manufacturer out there. Note: I am not a representative of UPT nor do I work for them in any form, just a highly satisfied customer!
  18. mchamp

    Mirage and skyhook

    It's coming out SOON according to Mirage......and they've been saying that for a few years now....... it's not called a skyhook but they call it DRX or sth of the sorts. Just get a Vector3 or Javelin or Icon if you want skyhook ....preferably the Vector3 since it was the first skydiving rig with the skyhook
  19. mchamp

    Skydivers & Reality Shows

    Apparently many people on the show "Baggage" by Jerry Springfield have stated that they love to skydive and by many I mean at least 10 that I've seen! Not sure if it was just their one time thing or that they're actually skydivers, but go for it and state that you're a badass!
  20. mchamp

    New World record set at Summerfest

    Video or it didn't happen
  21. mchamp

    'average' skydiver weight

    There is no "recommended average" in terms of weight, but in reality it really depends on your height and flexibility. Also your fall rate really varies on jump to jump depending on the people who you jump with. If you tend to jump 4 way or whatever with the same people and can't quite fall as fast as needed be simply add a few pounds to a weight belt 'feel' what speed/weight works best for you in the sky. Trial and error I suppose. G'luck and hope it works out well!
  22. mchamp

    Reading Material

    Here is a great read where I picked up this article on DZ a while back ago. Hope this helps!
  23. Stock from what I have experienced are in a plastic bag completely assembled and ready to jump. My last order of a stock PD canopy was ordered on a monday and I received it 3 days later! What canopy did you end up purchasing stock from them might I ask? Also has to do with which dealer you went through Could also possibly be if you ordered something custom that they (your dealer) are shipping it out all at the same time. Any by custom I mean something other than the canopy
  24. mchamp

    Vigil fire

    Was it a Vigil I or Vigil II and what was the Manufacturer date?
  25. mchamp