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  1. Skydude2000.... no heat thrown your way ! :-) On a performance scale of 1-10...... Peregrine 10/10 Valkyrie hybrid 9/10 Valkyrie zp 8.5/10 Velocity 7.5/10 IMO. All it takes is time,lots of dedicated canopy jumps and some coaching to get there, inc some serious $$.... ! :-)
  2. Dude, Your asking questions way above your pay grade .. ! .....all you need to know is on the PD website...! :-) Peregrine 27 cell full sail comp missile....! Valkyrie 21 cell zp or hybrid sabot round...! :-)
  3. topspark101

    Petra vs. Sofia

    Get NZA to build you a 50 sqft Petra.... i'm sure they have made some smaller canopies than they advertise.... i think i've seen a 55sqft petra on my travels ? Should give you plenty enough speed/sink rate rate to keep with the freaks ! :-)
  4. topspark101

    Petra vs. Sofia

    Easy..... if the advice from the WS brigade is all good ... then go for a higher WL Petra... ?
  5. topspark101

    Shortening laterals

    Fair play.... i know there are some serious rigging jedi masters out there... but for that price and it is warranted by the manufacturer me a no brainer ?
  6. topspark101

    Shortening laterals

    Trust me ,for the cost of $150 to do the necessary adjustment...send it to sunpath.... their work is 100% quality.... i have had a few rigging jobs done on containers and i live in the UK.... also you can't beat having work done at the unless you want a $50 fix with some local rigger ..who probably will not warranty the work !...?
  7. topspark101

    Valkyrie Hybrid

    I've been jumping PD canopies since the mid 90's... and the material has changed on the VE range... which I have jumped numerous, as well as the KA range...? Also ..been jumping VK's since release...... so have a good reference of material quality...! ? :-)
  8. topspark101

    Valkyrie Hybrid

    Do you believe PD are in business to help you skydive as cheap as possible... they are a business and need to make money... if you can make a product using cheaper materials without affecting safety, they're going to do it.... any sane business would !..... dude, you're living in the land of milk and honey ! :-)
  9. topspark101

    Valkyrie Hybrid

    Like most industries.... make the consumer buy more.. using cheaper materials... less bang for your $.... i'm afraid it business/profit....!
  10. topspark101

    first crossbraced canopy

    The information you have given , in my respect, doesn't equate to the information, PD you tell you when downsizing/changing canopy...... is it the same stand point if you wish to transfer from a VK to PE...?.... if I am wrong... I apologise..?
  11. topspark101

    Valkyrie Hybrid

    Seems to me that VK hybrid packs up a little more than PD state.... half size bigger ! more like next size and then a bit ? My VK 84 hybrid packs up more like VK90 and then some ! But.... it has so much more rears/toggle performance than VK which I thought was fantastic ! :-)
  12. topspark101

    Valkyrie Hybrid

    You can get NZ JVX in full sail absolute swoop machine... but packs up HUGE..! :-) But as of my first repost, in my opinion, sail ribs only on a VK are not going to make $100 difference in performance, added to the now $3345 rrp on a VK..... as I said before, just sales/marketing tactics....! :-)
  13. topspark101

    Valkyrie Hybrid

    I get what you are saying but if what you say is true, get a katana with sail ribs and you have a more elliptical and efficient(thinner) wing with less riser pressure...? :-)
  14. topspark101

    Valkyrie Hybrid

    If that is the case with sail ribs less elastic than zp and keeping canopy from over pressurisation, then having xbraces made from zp seems to defeat the exercise ? Surely for it to be beneficial for more performance the whole internals or canopy needs to be sail ? Just a marketing gimmick.... if you want to jump a hybrid... try a nz jpx leia ! PD just following in NZ Aerosports Wake.... ? :-)
  15. topspark101

    PD Valkyrie comparison to NZ JPX Leia

    Hi fellow canopy flyers ... Just wondering if any pilots out there have done quite a few jumps on both canopies... and would like to share their views on the differences between the 2 wings.... been jumping VK's But looking at getting JPXL Hybrid..? Thanks for the info. :-)