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  1. At the moment I am writing a research report on the best way US dz's could use marketing communication to optimise the amount of tandem sales. I am looking for some literature and reports about the tandem skydive market. Tandem student demographics would also be very helpful. Basically all Tandem industry related info would be very helpful! Thanks for the help!
  2. PD just posted this comparison guide on their website. This could be perfect for you. They compare the Pulse, Spectre, Sabre 2 and the Storm. They compare them on these factors; Openings Recovery Arc Trim Speed Range Dynamic Landing Range Flare Timing Wingsuit Friendly Control Range Toggle Input
  3. I want to put a 210 sqft in my Javelin J4. The Javelin sizing chart states I have two options on 210 types. Hybrid and LPV. What is the difference on these two? The only 210 canopies I heard would fit in the J4 are; Pulse Silhouette Pilot ZPX Are there any other 210's that would fit my J4? Thanks!
  4. This is a friend of me wearing it. He is way smaller than me and just threw it on his shoulders so don't look a the fit.
  5. Hi Judah, Last summer August 1st I broke my left ankle on Jump 56. I started jumping in June. I made 56 jumps that summer and was way to confident and downsized a bit to fast. My last 6 jumps where on a 190 and I weigh the same as you. I was 6.2 - 210 lbs at the time. After getting surgery I did a lot of PT. Last July I did my first jump again. So almost a year later. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing and did not have a lot of confidence in my ankle. A buddy of mine advised me to buy a Trilok brace. Not cheap but it helped a lot because it gave me the confidence I needed. I did lose some weight but not a lot. I was 200 lbs on the day of my jump. I also did my first jump on a 260 sqft canopy, did some good practice flares and got my feet and knees together for a good PLF. The ride was not that smooth and turbulence turned me crosswind on my final. I landed on my feet with no problems. This jump gave me back the confidence I needed and in some weird way my ankle feels like it is improving even better now because of the jump. I hope my experience gives you the confidence to go up there. If you have any questions please let me know. I'm happy to help. Blue skies
  6. Thanks for your reply. So you would say it is a good idea?
  7. A photo of what? I don't have the rig yet. It is with a rigger now. I do have some pictures. What would you like to see?
  8. Before buying a used Javelin container, I e-mailed Sunpath to ask if the rig would fit me. They told me it would be a good fit except for the laterals, they were too long for me and Sunpath told me this. "I would recommend shortening the Lateral to fit you better or at the very least use a belly band to secure it to your back in all orientations, especially if you intend to Freefly in the rig. The long lateral would allow the rig to move around on your back, which is not an ideal fit." They could shorten the laterals for me for $150. which would make the whole rig a perfect fit for me. My question is, does anyone have experience with a lateral adjustment and how good of a fix is that? Thanks!