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  1. I found the book! Go ahead and PM me your details and I'll drop it in the mail this week.
  2. I believe I've got a copy at home. Happy to mail it to you gratis. I'll check this evening and get back to you.
  3. Any of the Twardo stories.... thinking about some of the Capt. K tales in particular.
  4. There's a place out in Clewiston which is probably a lot closer for you, though still not what I would call "local." I haven't jumped there but have been meaning to - from what I understand it's got a great small DZ vibe. I think they have a Caravan or something similarly-sized. I'm sure someone can chime in if I'm wrong.
  5. Wish I could be there. Miss you all. Greetings from FL! Jaeton
  6. Methanol has been shown to accelerate the degradation of Nylon (polyamide). I would stay away from any protic solvents. So be very careful with the GooGones and other liquid solvent formulations. GooniesKids advice isn't bad. The molecules in the compressed air shouldn't bother anything (but I haven't researched that thoroughly nor tested it myself... I leave that up to the person with the gum on rig). My only concern with this approach is getting the polymers that make up the rig components so cold that they drop below their glass-transition temperature. This would mean they get super brittle and would be prone to cracking once frozen. If it were my personal rig, I would do ice or the compressed air trick. IF using compressed air, get ONLY the gum JUST COLD ENOUGH to pull off. Qualification: Polymer chemist who has spent a good number of years studying what makes Nylons degrade and how rapidly it happens.
  7. Any word on when the water training would take place? I'm all set on the canopy stuff.. I've got a crazy weekend but I've wanted to knock this water training out for a while now, so if it works with my sched I'd love to join.
  8. Was looking at a series of photos of Kim Jong Un in NK... They were interesting. Link here: http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2012/02/kim-jong-un-looking-at-things/100237/ One that caught my eye in particular was KJU watching an aviation demo... looks like there was some skydiving going on! Notice The People's Protecs and the rather different (?) looking rigs. Link: http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/infocus/kju020112/k33_RTR2WZTC.jpg lol this shot even shows some of the demo team's snag-hazard pyro gear! maybe twardo can consult? http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/infocus/kju020112/k35_RTR2WZQL.jpg Maybe NK isn't such a bad place after all!
  9. She just needs time and patience. She'll make her way upstairs soon enough. An older kitty recently found us.. she hung out in the upstairs spare bedroom for a good two weeks or so before moving around to the rest of the house. Now she is everywhere and really warming up.
  10. I fucking hate when people rage out about kids on planes. Everybody was a child at one point. Get over it. Since when do people using public means of transportation have a right to ride/fly without babies? Would they be causing such a big scene if a mentally challenged individual started throwing a fit?
  11. Whoa that was way misunderstood. A "him" for Jlalor was meant to acknowledge his act of kindness and recognize him for it. This had nothing to do with peoples' wishes for anonymity. Is that not a standard thing? That was not mean negatively at all
  12. Him Him Fuck him! Thanks for putting this together John