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  1. I found the book! Go ahead and PM me your details and I'll drop it in the mail this week.
  2. I believe I've got a copy at home. Happy to mail it to you gratis. I'll check this evening and get back to you.
  3. There's a place out in Clewiston which is probably a lot closer for you, though still not what I would call "local." I haven't jumped there but have been meaning to - from what I understand it's got a great small DZ vibe. I think they have a Caravan or something similarly-sized. I'm sure someone can chime in if I'm wrong.
  4. Wish I could be there. Miss you all. Greetings from FL! Jaeton
  5. kunosoura

    Bubble gum on a container...

    Methanol has been shown to accelerate the degradation of Nylon (polyamide). I would stay away from any protic solvents. So be very careful with the GooGones and other liquid solvent formulations. GooniesKids advice isn't bad. The molecules in the compressed air shouldn't bother anything (but I haven't researched that thoroughly nor tested it myself... I leave that up to the person with the gum on rig). My only concern with this approach is getting the polymers that make up the rig components so cold that they drop below their glass-transition temperature. This would mean they get super brittle and would be prone to cracking once frozen. If it were my personal rig, I would do ice or the compressed air trick. IF using compressed air, get ONLY the gum JUST COLD ENOUGH to pull off. Qualification: Polymer chemist who has spent a good number of years studying what makes Nylons degrade and how rapidly it happens.
  6. Any word on when the water training would take place? I'm all set on the canopy stuff.. I've got a crazy weekend but I've wanted to knock this water training out for a while now, so if it works with my sched I'd love to join.
  7. kunosoura

    Need a funny but clean Top 10

    I assume I just missed it... because I'm sure someone had to have added "Because your mother told you not to!" (credit to USPA)
  8. kunosoura

    Visual Scanning for Collision Avoidance

    Very cool. I found the eye physiology material interesting. Thank you.
  9. kunosoura

    Dick Winters (Band of Brothers)

    Blue skies Maj. Winters. I drink to you tonight.
  10. kunosoura

    Karnage Krew stole my money SCAM!!!

    Maybe minus charges for cleaning the excessive funk on the demo rig? That along with maintenance, inspect, repack sounds about like $312.99 to me
  11. kunosoura

    HALO Jumps

    Yes, a few people. Here's one: http://vimeo.com/15410574 lol that video was such a tease!
  12. Somewhere on here Bill Booth weighed in on the matter of excess lines between stow and riser. I don't have the link to the thread offhand but a quick search should reveal it. Noob here too; just letting you know the info on this is out there. Edit: actually this is the thread here... http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2125996;search_string=billbooth%20lines;#2125996
  13. kunosoura

    Student vs sport rig

    In addition to what others have said, it's quite possible the student rig would have an SOS handle.
  14. Be there bright and early Saturday!