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  1. Maybe it was this article I wrote in January 2016 Parachutist? A Problem With Two Solutions. misc_pcintow.pdf
  2. Some things to consider are covered here: https://parachutistonline.com/p/Article/safety-check-harness-and-container-fit
  3. Section 5-1 of the SIM has recommendations for off field landings. It was added in 2001 or 2003 after there were several fatalities from jumpers making mistakes when landing off the drop zone. Page 106. http://uspa.org/Portals/0/files/Man_SIM_2016.pdf
  4. September 5-7 join the Queen of skydiving-Carolyn Clay, to celebrate her birthday all weekend. Skyvan Saturday and Sunday, King Air all three days. Roger Ponce confirmed organizing and we will have others organizing freefliers and RW. $25 registration for all three days includes dinner Saturday night, or $10 per day if you attend just tone or two days. Camping available at Picture Lake Campground and the county fair and fireworks are the same weekend, right next to the campground. More details will be added soon at virginiaskydivingcenter.com
  5. We will have Jim Smith out to organize RW jumps all three days at VSC. Come on out and enjoy the long weekend! Pond swoops at the campground at the end of each day and a cookout Saturday night. Fast, clean King Air and Cessna 182. https://www.facebook.com/events/249952068531858
  6. http://www.virginiaskydivingcenter.com/memorial-day-boogie/ Virginia Skydiving Center’s Memorial Day Weekend Boogie! Crouchfest starts the summer season! Planes: Sky Van, The Rocket King Air, and a Cessna 182 We will start jumping Friday at 9 AM, so plan for an extra day to start the weekend early! Freefly Organizer: Matt Fry Belly RW Organizer: Roger Ponce, Christine Bruchac, Andrew Happick from Paraclete XP, and more! Pre-Register for the event will be available soon. Registration-$40 per person, includes the Saturday night dinner. Licensed Skydiver Jumps-$25 cash or $26 credit card Free Beer Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for registered jumpers. Organizers, food, music, friends!!! Formation loads, raft jumps, tubes and all sorts of fun awaits you! We will have a food vendor at the drop zone for the event. There will be a dinner served in the campground Saturday night that is NOT included with the registration. Reserve your camping space at Picture Lake Campgrounds, right next to the drop zone! http://www.picturelakecampgrounds.com/reservations.html If camping is not for you, there are lots of hotels within 10 minutes of the drop zone. Event news also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/645885775473730/
  7. Well, who needs flaps and ailerons, anyway? So far, so good for this weekend!
  8. We are celebrating the arrival of our new C90 King Air with something for everyone in the month of September! Starting with Labor Day weekend with reduced price slots for licensed jumpers, and continuing later in the month with Jim Smith organizing, a SiS Fiesta fall event, a Tic Tac Toe team accuracy event, and finally a Flight-1 canopy course. http://www.virginiaskydivingcenter.com/about-vsc/events/ for some details, and there is more info on our Facebook page in the events section at https://www.facebook.com/groups/VirginiaSkydivingCenter/ Come on out and check out our newly painted, freshly overhauled C90!
  9. http://www.uspa.org/USPAMembers/Membership/Travel/tabid/126/Default.aspx
  10. USPA changed the licensing requirements at the last Board meeting and now does not allow for an FAI license to be used in lieu of the A license card. Also, FAI licenses are now not recognized for USPA rating applications Beginning January 1 of this year, any USPA rating applicant must hold an appropriate USPA license. I am trying to get the online SIM updated with the changes from the last board meeting. To the original poster, he will need to meet with a USPA rated instructor and complete a USPA A license application and be a current member of USPA in order to receive an A license number. Jim Crouch
  11. http://parachutistonline.com/safety_training/keep_an_eye_out/installation-errors
  12. Course is 2 days September 23-24. http://www.bigairsportz.com/pdf/parachuting-safety.pdf for more information. Call us at 804-466-0215 to schedule.
  13. Save the dates! September 7-9, 2012 Virginia Skydiving Center will host a terrific event that has proven to be an awesome weekend of skydiving every year! We celebrate the birthday of the Queen of Skydiving, Carol Clay, in grand fashion. This year we will add a Super Otter to fly along with our own Grand Caravan for three days of great skydiving and night time celebrations!Jumping starts 9 AM Friday and runs through sunset Sunday! www.virginiaskydivingcenter.com Aircraft: Raeford Super Otter Grand Caravan Fireball 182 Organizers: Roger Ponce (working on others) Slots are $25 Registration Fee TBD Make sure to reserve your camping spot early at the Picture lake Campgrounds. The county fair is held at the Virginia Motorsports Park next door the same weekend and space in the campground will be limited! http://picturelakecampgrounds.com/
  14. Sections 7 and 9 of the Skydiver's Information Manual will provide you with most of the information you need for the test. http://www.uspa.org/SIM.aspx Jim
  15. We will have online registration set up in a couple of days.