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  1. quick video of the canopy openings on my test jumps with it http://youtu.be/aGzmbjk30KU
  2. Living in Florida it gets really humid and hot during the summer, so I needed something to keep me cool. I love the comet pro summer, it is on par(quality) with everything out there and at a reasonable price. I'm sure this suit will catch on here in the U.S., don't hesitate to buy one! PS....I wish I could post pics on here :)
  3. yeah i'm aware you can get them on ebay and all over the internet however they are not easy to come by in local stores. thats why i stated if someone needed them when they were traveling by chance or had to use them in a pinch. if you need something to work now and don't have the luxury to wait for a couple days deliver or maybe you forgot to order them in advance.
  4. if you need to replace the batteries for a PRO-TRACK audible and cant find the CR2330 batteries it uses, you can successfully use CR2032 batteries for the audible which are a lot more common to come across (walgreens,cvs etc..). the CR2032 batteries are smaller then the factory recommended CR2330s, just center the CR2032s and put the batt cover back on while they remain centered and the audible will function like normal. **if your DZ gear store has the Normal CR2330s then support your local dz but if you are away and in a pinch the CR2032s will get the job done.
  5. wishing i was at lake wales tomorrow for the full altitude $10 jumps all day. anyone know of any other DZ's that do this for thanksgiving?
  6. dreamtoy


    I don't have experience with a ton of different rigs but after speaking with a lot of people at several dz's, all had nothing but high praise for wings rigs. When I received my wings system and tried it on it fit like a glove. It's extremely comfortable in free fall and it packs well. After a while I had problems with my right riser cover opening in free fall which concerned me a great deal. I sent it back to wings for repair. Wings upgraded my rig and as of this date, I am the second person with magnetic riser covers. Not only does it work and look awesome but they did this free of charge; now that is customer service. I know who I'm buying my next rig from. Give them a shot, you won't be disappointed!
  7. anyone in the miami area interested in carpooling up to skydive sebastian on fridays? i go almost every fri and sometimes for the weekend!
  8. i am still new in this sport and want to do this long term; so i try my best to be safe as possible and not hurt myself or anyone else. its crazy when i see more experienced guys that dont know what the uppers, mids and lower winds are doing or are not sure which way jump run is going exactly. the first thing i do when i show up to dz is check the winds and consistently monitor it through out the day. now i def dont know everything but this stuff was drilled into my head during training. what sucks is when i try to inform someone who has more experience jump wise then me, they look at me crazy like what the hell do you know; i say oh well, do what you want and go on my way.
  9. so i'm curios as to how many people still spot to make sure they are getting out at a proper location from the plane. when the green light comes on people are in such a rush for the groups to jump out the plane without spotting. several times i have spotted and told myself and who ever i am jumping with that this is too far and let people behind me go and more then once those same pushy people; landed out and were not even close to landing back at dz. does anyone else notice poor spotting a lot from newer skydivers and experienced ones alike?
  10. dreamtoy

    Z Suit

    I jump at Skydive Sebastian in Florida and went to mark norman(instructor) who took my order and sized me up. I used rush delivery to have the suit made in 21days. Vlady(owner of vertical suits) always answered my emails promptly and it was a pleasure to do business with his company. my suit arrived in two and a half weeks, much earlier then I was expecting. the suit was customized the way I wanted and the quality and stitching is top notch. I have been jumping the hell of out this suit and am very pleased with my purchase. Def can't go wrong!
  11. ahhh a mr bill sounds fun but i have seen some go horribly wrong; might try it anyway. thanks for all the good ideas everyone!
  12. so i am really close to my 100th jump mile marker and i am trying to think of a way to make it special and memorable. i want to hear from you, what if any thing made you're 100th, 300th, 500th or other mile marker jump special or memorable?
  13. anyone want to go to sebastian fri-sun(8/17-8/19) to complete the B-license water training and canopy course requirements? im driving(from miami), let me know asap, we need one more person! water training $25 canopy course $150