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    Mojo 240
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    Micro Raven Dash MZ
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    Skydive Ogden
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    BASE Jumping
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  1. If you have a lineset for a Xaos 27 94sqft canopy could you use it on a Xaos 21 94sqft canopy and just not use the A5 B5 C5 and D5 lines?
  2. aidclimber

    BlackJack 260

    Orange with red ribs 1 bottom gray cell on the left
  3. aidclimber


    Made for 260 280 canopy. sew in risers and three rigs. gray harness red backpad
  4. My car was broken into last night 18 dec 09 in downtown Salt Lake City Utah at the Radisson Hotel's parking garage. Gargoyle red and mostly gray with Orange w/one bottom gray cell BlackJack 260. Perigee Pro black and puprle say "YOLO" on the mud flap with Ace 240 all yellow Perigee Pro blue and gray with b-12's and Troll 265 mostly gray with some blue and red center cell and blue diamonds Wizard converted to a 2 pin all black with Mojo 220 pink and purple 48 Toxic pc red lower and red and black apex 42 Toxic pc pink lower with orange and gray apex 42 apex vented pc blue 42 yellow and black pc with skull embroidery on the apex 42 Morpheus vented pc all yellow Black Reflex container with red amigo reserve Mirage G3 red and black white pd reserve Cookie rok helmet and box with my sony HC-5 camera and mac book laptop was taken all so Keep you eyes out for this gear i have photos and serial numbers for this gear if anyone sees this stuff for sale anywere online please contact me at [email protected] Thanks for your Help Skylar Beck
  5. Happy Birthday Tom, Skin , Harry and Me cya Sky
  6. they make the Hybrid and Zak harness/container Bombproof maded the Neo harness/container but has sence retired Softcock harness/container made by some guy named Ray Stunts harness/container no longer being made but i have one Atmosphere harness/container Paraavis Beast harness/container Hummit harness/container not sure who or were this one is made hope this helps Cya Sky
  7. aidclimber


    IN THE WORKS? what ever slack ass you can't even get your day wreakers fixed....
  8. Sweet i just got mine the other day 1135 Congrats on gettin BASE Cya Sky
  9. Nice Pics Gaper.....Happy Turkey day