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  1. Good Grief. Thank you for your sincere assistance guys. I don’t think it should matter. I just wanted an answer if someone had it, not comments about some college kid not deserving an answer, but to clarify I am: In my last semester of Law School A skydiver (400ish) A BASE jumper (140ish) Female I admit it was silly of me to hope for a serious reply from this, or any forum. I guess I was just hoping that someone like Tom had already done some sort of research on this subject. So here is my new approach: I will contact the main BASE manufactures out there and see if they keep track of the number of rigs they have sold. I know it will be a flawed measurement of how many of us there are, but it will be better than nothing. Consequently, I have a new question: I know of the following BASE manufacturers. Can you all add any more and their contact into? (especially international ones) Asylum Apex Morpheus Gravity Sports Leading Edge Paratech Rigging
  2. Hey crew, I am writing a paper for school. (which I will eventually use as a basis to legalize BASE and paragliding in US National Parks ) I need to get an approximation of how many BASE jumpers there are in the world. Does anyone know, or have an estimate supported by some evidence? Thanks!