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  1. pnuwin

    Beaner Failure

    We had a rule to trash any carabiners that had been dropped. You couldn’t see hairline fractures. I imagine many would disregard this rule. Here’s a link to a recent incident where a guy forgets his carabiner and has to hang on for his life.
  2. pnuwin

    Aerodyne Smart LPV?

    Does the Smart LPV pack as small as other LPV reserves? From comparing the UPT sizing charts, it looks like the Smart LPV packs the same size as a standard PD reserve.
  3. Brightly colored cotton sewing thread tied to the line or attachment points. Or just buy an Aerodyne canopy.
  4. Tom Cruise skydiving video. Very funny and well done. What fantastic advertising for skydiving!
  5. pnuwin

    Aerodyne Bulletin

    The first version of the Aerodyne semi-stowless flaps look almost the same as those on the original UPT bag. The revised version also has the sewn side flaps . I wonder if UPT also had problems with their first semi-stowless design but quietly changed it.
  6. pnuwin

    New UPT semi-stowless bag

    Old version was much better. They were originally going to offer both but changed their mind. I wonder why they changed their design. I wouldn’t buy the new one.
  7. pnuwin

    Aerodyne Zulu - Lower wingloading behaviour

    I have a Zulu at 1.3 and came from a Pilot of the same size. Zulu is much more responsive to both toggles and harness inputs. I really like flying it and it stops very well on landing even at high altitude dropzones. Openings are a fraction quicker but that's what I prefer. Zulu is more sensitive to bad pack jobs and poor body position on opening. I used to fly around in full brakes with my pilot and never stall. The Zulu will stall after a few seconds so the control range is much shorter. Probably why it has more stopping power on landing. Overall very happy with my Zulu even at the low wingloading.
  8. pnuwin

    Helmet chinstrap keeps coming undone

    My Rev2 was ordered when it was first released. That's great news if the chin strap has been revised. I'll private message you about getting one.
  9. pnuwin

    Helmet chinstrap keeps coming undone

    My strap comes off in freefall as well. I once had to stop midway through a 4-way jump to stop 2 audibles and a camera from disappearing into the forest below. Tracked away with one hand on my head and saved several hundred dollars worth of gear. My solution now is to put a small stow band over the red clip. Just enough tension to stop it coming off.
  10. I went to a steel ripcord with marine eye for this exact reason. Seems like the steel marine eye has less friction and lets go of the pin when it rotates at the velcro. 14 repacks and practice pulls have not seen the pin jam on the hard housing once. I've had other rigs with the spectra ripcord always jam if you do a fast and realistic practice pull.
  11. pnuwin

    Pilot 188 ZPX vs Vector 348

    It will pack fine but like with most canopies best not try with a brand new slippery one. ZPX is tough to pack new just like regular ZP but after 100 or so jumps it packs tiny. My brother has a 168zpx in a vector3 v310 built for a sabre2 150. Fits fine and not that hard to pack for an experienced packer with an older canopy.
  12. pnuwin

    PIA Report on low reserve canopy openings

    The sustained load numbers might be substantially less because the fall rate would decrease substantially after having a pilot chute out for so long in free fall. It's offsetting your weight by ~40lbs.
  13. pnuwin

    ZLX lines from Aerodyne

    Attached is a picture of my C lines about 6 inches from the attachment point at the canopy. Where the slider grommets sit during packing. Slider grommets are smooth and clean.
  14. pnuwin

    ZLX lines from Aerodyne

    At about 80 jumps I'm seeing wear on the lines near the attachment points inside the canopy that I never noticed with 700HMA or spectra. If you are flying at low wing loadings, I'd go spectra. Those lines seem to last forever and you don't notice the trim change at low wing loadings. ZLX seems to hold its trim well. Super thin and easy to pack.
  15. This happens to me in free fall as well. Very annoying and I have it mounted on my wrist. The N3 has sometimes gone into canopy mode due to people standing at the door and causing pressure changes in the plane. I've been patiently waiting for a software update to fix this but nothing has been released in years.