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  1. Thanks for the input folks! Brilliant info. BKS60, out of curiosity, do you have any idea regarding the loading of the people flying them at your DZ? Im still not sure how it will behave when fairly lightly loaded at 1.25-1.30. Thanks!
  2. Awesome input Crashprone and Hackish! Thanks for chiming in! @Crashprone: What did you think about the wind penetration ability at that WL and did it seem like the canopy was flying as designed? @hackish: Yeah, demoing sounds like a good option, Ive been in touch with Herman here in Europe. But I need to get another canopy in my rig before a few end of season events! Time to commit or end up canopy less. Anyone else have experience on a Zulu with a similar wingloading? 1.2-1.25 ish.
  3. Hi all, first post here on the forums. I'm wondering if any of the Zulu pilots could chime in with their opinion regarding low wingloading behaviour of mentioned canopy. I currently have the option of purchasing a Zulu 152 that would give me around 1.22 - 1.25 WL maximum. The official Weight-Sq.Ft conversion chart starts at 1.4 WL and slots me into the 132 canopy column for that WL number, but due to my current rig, a 132 would be too loose. What do all you savvy folks reckon? Thanks!
  4. Seems like a slightly selfish act... Putting your "need/desire" to get your kicks over the life (or life changing injury's he could sustain) of your future pride and joy. Giving it up would be a small price to pay for a healthy child...Cant see the public being too stoked about the whole concept.
  5. Yep, brilliant article! Definitely the best. More please? :)