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  2. After phoning around, the 22-55mm lens isn't imported for the UK. However, I can probably order the lens from B&H and deliver it to Skydive Deland for when I get there in March. The speed of the lens is f4-5.6, will this matter for freefall photography?
  3. Ah, crap. Gaffers on my nice new toy. Well, it'll make me look like a pro if nothing else :-) n9
  4. By "Flare Turn" do you mean when you carve along the ground during a swoop? If so, it's achieved by letting up on one toggle *slightly* when you are in full swoop - similar to a flat turn up high. If you aren't swooping long though - dont do it. If you don't get a long enough swoop, carving will leave you without the time to rectify the turn, ensuring that you land badly. You have to do everything real smooth. It ain't fun landing in a turn - and this is essentially what you are doing - the likelyhood is that you'll twist an ankle because you can't run it out. Have fun! n9
  5. Thanks for the responses. The zoom lens I'm looking at in GBP£110, and the body £170. I'm happy paying that amount for the lens and body, especially if it will perform on the ground and in the air. Assuming that the 28mm will do the job well, does it make a difference if I use the 28-105 zoom? Are there issues with holding the lens still (i.e. the zoom is built to move, so will it)?
  6. The micron is a fantastic rig. It's deeper than wider and looks great - especially if you have a larger back as it looks tiny. The inclined bracing makes me feel very secure. IMHO when you get to the top end of the containers, i.e. the Vector, Mirage & Javelin they are all pretty much the same. Fancy bits like "Oetiker Clamps" will not make a difference to day to day flying! If you're a heavy chap though and jump 210+ canopies, then the Javalin lateral things are great. The most important safety components (imo & don flame retardent jumpsuit) are NO RSL, Cypres, leg strap connectors, flush hacky, aerodynamic pin protectors, cushion pads and a correctly fitting main/reserve. Anyone wanna add to that list of essentials? Just don't even bother mentioning the cypres though, I'm bored of that one now! I spend most of my time in Deland, so Mirage and Vector's are the main choices (although Jimmy Tranter jumps a Racer I believe). Although I prefer the look of a Mirage, I jump Vector simply down to thier customer service and *much* larger development facility. I don't believe Mirage have a need to be so expensive compared to the Vector. Hth, n9
  7. What about people that concentrate on head up flying? Before I got into head down I participated in several larger head up groups and had a good, safe time organised by very well known freefliers.
  8. 180 checks are great if you plan to dump in a sit. If like the rest of us, you wanna 'monster swoop' (as Pat Works calls it) your way outa there first, then a 360 barrel roll is a pretty good idea when you belly out! Back tracking is cool, but remember, when you begin, you don't fly particularly far on your back - you also can't see the formation due to your body attitude. If you do back track, just make sure you can see where everyone is going first. It may look cool of video, not so good when you turn to dump and realise someone is either chasing you doing the same thing or right below you. n9 aka Rob
  9. Langar boogie was awsome last year - 10 way freefly going on, tracking every sunset load. With the isntructors there (who regularly organise at other EU DZ boogies) you are sure to have a great time. Should be tubes, streamers and lots of video there this time. Oh and more beer than ever from Chuckles ( Everyone is welcome at this cool DZ. And any Hinton ppl who want some cheap jump tickets, I still have a few left over from the Multiplane event in August 01. Rob
  10. Skreamer - hehe. I was lucky in my first year - made some money due to a buyout and I couldn't think of a better thing to spend it on than freefly. Worth every penny :-) My kids are looking pretty shabby today though - again, only joking- I'm 25, I don't think I'm allowed to have kids yet. n9
  11. robellis


    Thanks for bringing me down to earth (pun intended)! It's because I'm a freeflyer isn't it! You belly people are always trying to a make a big thing about it! I have to admit that the community feeling is greatly enhanced when you have a common emeny (the plane, it's slow climb rate, 10k only if you're lucky and Farmer McNasty)! In consideration, it is a great place to jump, and they have now bought a NOMAD (16 seat turbine). It still retains that community spirit but without the politics of a bigger DZ, I certainly feel more 'at home' there and certainly less anonymous. I miss it to be honest - if it just wasn't twice the distance to Langar! I wouldn't consider that you are being spoiled by jumping where there are good facilities! However, there is something eminantly appealing about jumping at a small DZ. You get time to talk to ppl on the plane, everyone seems to be always helping you out, making you tea, teaching you stuff in their spare time which is invaluable when you are learning. In fact thinking about it, I wouldn't be where I am now without that small community -I know people with over 250 jumps and haven't really learned how to pack, let alone getting their certificate. I don't feel that students at a larger DZ may have the same attention as I may have had. Becides, I'm just bitching about my first years jumping and the fact that it took me 200 jumps to get my FF1&FF2 :-) In appreciation, Rob btw, is that cessna thing one of them radio controlled ones? I've seen them with their tiny little RC skydivers, they're kooky ;-)
  12. robellis


    Yeah Langar's awsome. It's like the UK's only commercial all-weather dropzone :-) I was a student at Cambridge UK (North London PC) and I was brought up on a full-time islander on a grass runway. Only Deland opened my eyes to the real skydive! I was jumping at Langar over Christmas, and although snow was on the ground we were still jumping the Caravan. Now that the LET is here and the UK finally seems to be starting summer (susshh don't jinx it) we are set to have some awsome jumps. Hey FallDown, I'll be around the weekend inc Friday day. Black with blue top Jumpbubble jumpsuit, with blue Vector 3 rig. Kinda chubby :-) Come and say hi. Maybe I could convert you to the evil aspirations of Freefly! Anyone from Langar into Freefly(tm) on here? Rob
  13. My names Rob Ellis, from Birmingham UK. I currently run a software business developing software for recruitment agencies called RecruitSpace.