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  1. Excellent article. Very well done and thorough.
  2. Goosebumps just watching this :/ The harness could of been perfectly adjusted and still had this happen the way she was basically sitting down and sliding out of the harness in the door with the TI standing up. If this lady had been a family member of mine I would have kicked that TI's a$$ upon seeing the video. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  3. Flipping through the Feb Parachutist I read the stolen gear section. Stolen gear is usually not the section to laugh at and I'm sure ChutingStar isn't laughing but...stolen via credit card fraud was a Dolphin container, Trialthlon main, and Argus AAD. Could the offender not think of more expensive gear to steal? He could have got a pimped out Mirage and Icarus JFX or something, but they chose to scam a Dolphin, Triathlon, and Argus???? Sorry, but just had to have a laugh at it. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  4. I've jumped a few of those types canopies when I had around 2000 jumps. Same problem with bad openings. Dude who gave me the canopy would pack, nice staged openings. I pack it (being a certified rigger) and it opens like a freakin' hand grenade. My packing suggestion is, modify your bag into one that looks like a trash can, pack it into said trash can bag, and put it in the back alley for trash collection. I guess my point is that there are some great cheap deals on canopies that are proven to open nicely with little more than just cramming them in the bag. Why fuck with a jankey ass canopy when you can get a cheap one that is easier to pack, opens better, and flies better?? And I won't even go into the more appropriate for your jump numbers comment because it's already been said several times and you've made up your mind about it. So.....Good luck....and do all you can to stay safe. Peace out! _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  5. Not required but always appreciated. My grandfather told me to never turn down free money. I never expect a tip but it's always nice when I get one. I worked at a DZ in another state and got tipped all of the time. The DZ I jump at now I can't remember ever getting tipped. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  6. I was walking with a friend once when we saw a panhandler walking across the street towards us and my friend told me "get him before he gets you". I didn't understand what he was saying until the guy got about 10 ft. from us and my friend asked him "hey, you got a dollar to spare?" The guy immediately turned back around and took off. I've done this a few times since and it always works. The last time I gave money was to a guy who pulled up at a gas station and had some story about being out of gas and trying to get home. After I gave him like $5 he hopped back in his car and while driving off without getting gas he hollered out the window "I'm going down the street where gas in cheaper". Since then I give no money, but try and donate clothes and blankets to the shelter. If they really want help then they will go to a shelter and seek out what they really need. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  7. Never saw it on DVD. I watched Chronicles III about a thousand times on VHS and have thought about dusting it off and converting it to DVD. It was so inspirational to me at the time and really motivated me to freely all that I could. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  8. I turned in my rig to a different rigger once, and she read me the riot act for penciling the previous riggers pack job. I mean chewed my azz good. Not long after that my original rigger came up to me and said she told him what had happened and that he didn't really care. I've now had rigs come back to me where I could tell my name had been penciled. I'm going to start suggesting they just put a different name. I can always show the FAA my riggers logbook and say "Wasn't me" _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  9. Once again, what's more disturbing is things like TI fastening straps right before entering the aircraft, pax not being hooked up whilst door is open etc. The head down thingy is much smaller change, at least in my eyes. Oh, I agree that the disturbing things on the video are things that you listed. But that is not the title of the thread, or the question at hand. So in your opinion, you can overlook the fact that he flew head down with a tandem, but will not overlook the other things he did(or did not) do? Especially in this case, I think the argument that this was fun for the TI at the expense of a customer is boloney. The kid has flown head down before and if I had the chance to fly on my head instead of flat, then I would have taken it. Now, as far as the rules go, that's a different story from my opinion above. I'll plead the 5th of whether I've done anything but fly flat and stable out of the door. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  10. You can pose the same question for doing gainers or flips out of the door. Or really any other activity that isn't jumpinp out and immediately going flat, stable, and deploying the drouge. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  11. I have bad allergies and often have sinitus. What I've learned over the years is even after a battery of medicine that I may have good air flow but still get pain or blood from pressure building way up in the sinuses. If I HAD to skydive I would take: 800mg Ibuprofen, 90mg pseudoephedrine, Claritin, and then Afrin right before the jump. Now I just stay on the ground and wait till it clears. Had enough ear pain, ear pressure, and bloody noses. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  12. None of these are logged, so it's a best guess. Manta 288 - 25 ? 220 - 25 PD 190 - 25 Sabre 190 - 300 Sabre 170 - 500 Sabre 150 - 500 Stilleto 135 - 500 Stilleto 120 - 1500 Katana 120 and 107 - 25 Velo 95 - 10 VX 99 - 20 Onyx 95 - 15 Precision 400 and Hop 330 - 750 _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  13. Bram Clement is an excellent I/E and I think making a post about people not being qualified to hold an I/E rating and then posting a picture of him even if he's not your intended "target" is unfair and unethical. It's clear to me that you make a post slamming the whole I/E program when you are really targeting an individual. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad
  14. Most of the S&TAs that I have met are either an instructor, DZ owner, or someone else who's main objective is to monitor license requirements and to administer those tests. They're not out there checking packing data cards, standing in the lading area looking for infractions, checking airplane maintenance logs. Although I really believe that this stuff should be checked by an independent person. I think it's a great idea if you could get em' paid and independent of the DZO. _________________________ goat derka jerka bukkake jihad