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  1. klingeme

    Micron Spacer Foam / Back Pack / Padding options

    Here are pictures of the 3d spacer foam and the padded stabilizers. The Deluxe Backpad is just extra foam sewn inside the backpad (between the backpad and the main and reserve containers) so you really can't see it. The padded stabilizers is Bill Booths version of the "Cut-in Laterals" available on other manufacturer's containers. The reasoning for not offering cut in's is that bill thinks that cut in laterals create a potential snag point at the bottom corners of the container where a line could catch if you deploy unstable. With the padded stabilizers, the stabs still come to the edge of the main container (thus eliminating the snag point) and only the laterals (the webbing that goes from hip to hip) is cut in and padded. On other versions, both the stabilizer and the lateral is cut in. Mark Klingelhoefer
  2. klingeme


    My rigger just used F111, PVC Pipe for the tube, Tubular webbing for the "Leash", and an old set of risers for the 2 ring cutaway (Foot mount only. I gave the tube away, so I don't have detailed pictures but here is the best I have. Mark Klingelhoefer
  3. klingeme

    How to buy USED container?

    Have the local rigger act as a middle man who holds your money and the rig until the container is inspected and verified to be what was advertised, and he sends the money and hands you the container at the same time. Make sure to throw a little money the riggers way over an above the inspection price for helping you out.
  4. Is this your first time in the paper? BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER
  5. klingeme

    Post your Micron

    I don't know if my color choice is "Badass". I was more going for "soft spoken" but here it is. Mark
  6. klingeme

    who when where why

    Looks to me like Bill Booth over Deland. Don't know when, and as for the why, looks like someone wanted to do a tandem. Mark Klingelhoefer
  7. klingeme

    learning head down...

    I find that a daffy (legs like you are doing lunges) is more stable than X-man (legs spread like you are doing a jumping jack) Mark Klingelhoefer
  8. klingeme

    Velocity Components

    Imitation is the best form of flattery. Mark Klingelhoefer United Parachute Technologies
  9. I'll let our IT guy know when he gets in. Mark Klingelhoefer UPT
  10. klingeme

    Batavia boogie

    Relative Workshop will be there with 4 demo rigs, 1 intentional cuttaway rig, and my smiling face, unless my stuff does not make it trhough customs when I ship it from here in Gap where I am this week, then all you wil get is my smiling face. Mark Klingelhofer
  11. Peter G works for Ouragan Suits. I don't have his personal number but their number over at Ouragan is 1-386-748-7217. Mark Klingelhoefer
  12. klingeme

    Team Dirty sanchez Boogie

    I'll be there for sure. Mark Klingelhoefer
  13. I for one can not wait for this. We had a GREAT time at the Hog Flop in Palatka, and the inagural boogie should be a BLAST. Come on out and get you DSB #. Mark Klingelhoefer DSB#13 edited cause I was stupid
  14. klingeme

    25 way attempt from one King Air

    I was the vidiot front floating and filming all the exits in the first plane (should have told the pilot I'd be there) and have the video of the whole thing. I'll let the dogs explain the jump, but I will verify that it DID HAPPEN. Mark Klingelhoefer
  15. klingeme

    Them toadsuckers

    I Think most of them are already there. They started today. I'll be an available vidiot starting tomorrow. Mark Klingelhoefer