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  1. 3fLiEr


    to be honest, I think some practice is needed in the air as a flat flier before you even think about going into a head up or head down flight. Going to sit flying with minimal jumps is dangerous until you have mastered any sort of standard flat flying as you need to understand the problems in fall rates or over cooking forward and backward movements - at least when doing it all flat it can be more unforgiving that doing it at the speeds freeflying......... dont rush things, dial in the skills flat first, then try out sit fly, then when you have dialled that in then try head down............ dont be in a rush.............. rushing can hurt people.
  2. 3fLiEr

    BASE-jumper at DZ`s

    Sorry but none of my freeflying instincts are with me on a BASE jump.............. Different game ......... different approach.......... Be Safe
  3. Why not dump her? - She should not be selfish so much she says "you cant do that"
  4. I think that is something people forget when they say "I wanna try that" - it is PHUKQIN SCAREY!!! I have never known fear quite like this............... but I keep going back for more!!
  5. 3fLiEr


    think you and Thomas will get on! whoa............
  6. I use this on my skydiving rig - had no problems except you have to really keep an eye on the closing loop - some loops were lasting me less than 10 jumps. Be Safe...........
  7. 3fLiEr

    BASE-jumper at DZ`s

    I had some trouble with being grounded several times for low pulls or low hooks. BUT they still allowed me to jump there when they could have easily banned me. I was even told by the DZO that BASE had calmed me and I approached skydiving more safely than perhaps I previously did. But thats really academic as I dont really skydive anymore. Be Safe.............................. Be Low
  8. 3fLiEr

    BASE-jumper at DZ`s

    I find the negative attitude from people at the DZ mainly steams from jealousy. Suddenly you are involved in something they can not do / wont do and they will focus negativity toward you for this. BASE has been an eye opener with regard to friends and family. Amazing how a sport shakes your life up! Take one step back and let it go over your head. Be Safe........................Be Low
  9. 3fLiEr


    My Vertigo kit has some handy tabs with velcro that you tie your slider down with nice and tidy! Be Safe........... Cya
  10. 3fLiEr


    Exactly!!! Be Safe......Be Low
  11. 3fLiEr


    A FJC course is not an easy way to enter the sport - it is an easy way to complete your first jump. Just because you come back from a FJC does not automatically mean people will be happy to contact you or jump with you - you still have to meet and prove yourself as a competant jumper. A FJC just means you were willing to put "some" effort into gaining access to this sport - unlike the majority of "I wanna do that" skydivers - who never make any effort. Another shock and tester (I found) is the reaction to this from Family, friends, girlfriend - I very nearly stopped jumping because of the grief i was getting from these people - cause I thought it best to tell them. I then decided NO - I will jump. They are now mostly accepting (my mother still wont talk about it to me really and i dont have a girlfriend anymore) - but these are also things along the way you must contend with. So when you say to become a BASE jumper you just need money and go off and do a FJC - No way dude - that is only the start........... its the way I did it - but it certainly was not an easy ride!! Be Safe......Be Low........... M
  12. This is based on my experience and is not advice on what to do. I had a cypress fire (long story - complete idiot) as i was deploying my main (cypress fire on line stretch) - I had a Sabre135 and PD126R out - now already you are terribly low - advice about cutting away your main goes out of the window when you are that low as your mind says to you that its not an option - I steered my main with rear risers very carefully - toward a clear area and let the canopies fly together - I tried not to fly the canopies as much as possible - my friend also had a cypress fire 10 days later - but he tried to steer his main with rear risers agressively with the result of his canopies then went into a downplane approx 80ft from the ground - he crashed through trees which broke his fall. Dont go so low you have a cypress fire ! they can kill aswell as save!! Be Safe
  13. i think there is some problem with insurances with that (i may be wrong) i heard of a guy (who we both know) who tried this and got some real headaches coz he wanted nothing to do with the B an P arachuting A ltogether............ Be Safe......... Cya
  14. Those guys doing aerobatics on dirt bikes - that is some way out shit!!