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  1. Well, I wouldn't expect that to begin with, but I guess thats what a tracking dive is ***Free bird Forever
  2. Actually, I need to update my profile. How much weight should I add for the chute? ***Free bird Forever
  3. I do pack my own rig, I just haven't been jumping that often this summer. ***Free bird Forever
  4. What type of liscence do you need to have to participate in a tracking dive? ***Free bird Forever
  5. I agree, it just seems that alot of people think I should get more skydives, and flying a wingsuit would probably give me the illusion of flying instead of falling. ***Free bird Forever
  6. The triathlon is a 150 that I probably could borrow again, but if i;m going to practise accuracy with it I should probably look into getting my own. ***Free bird Forever
  7. What is gps tracking derby? ***Free bird Forever
  8. Flying a wingsuit sounds like a good idea, thanks ***Free bird Forever
  9. I've been jumping a sabre but this year I also did a jump on a triathlon and I get them mixed up...which is the 7-cell and which is the 9-cell? ***Free bird Forever
  10. I know that paragliding won't help me get into base but I tried it last year and really liked it for an alternative sport. I don't know if skydiving is for me, i'm not that interested in formation skydiving, I prefer the rush and flying through the air, tracking. I'm not at all putting down skydiving, it does make me happy but I think paragliding or base jumping would do the same. It's just that other skydivers think it gets boring to always jump alone, so it's necessary to work for your B minimum, i'm not shure if that's what I want to do, i'm a little confused ***Free bird Forever
  11. I'm confused about some stuff. I started skydiving because I had an interest to get into base. I was told that having a couple hundred jumps would make base jumping easier to learn. Also I always thought of skydivers as being open minded but lately i'm getting the impression that most skydivers don't like base jumping or even talking about it. I really want to learn more about it, is there another way. As much as I love the rush of skydiving, if it's not getting me to my goal I think I'd rather be paragliding. ***Free bird Forever
  12. I'm not jumping that often but lately the jumps I do put me in a good mood and if I go a while without jumping I get miserable. Yeah i'm addicted
  13. I just started jumping again after taking a year off cause I was pregnant. I was pretty scared before I did my first jump, even when we were going up in the plane. Once I did the jump though I couldn't understand why I was so scared, it just seemed so natural. One tip I will offer is to have an instructor go over a bunch of stuff with you. When I came down from that jump the wind almost blew me away cause I forgot to pull one toggle to calapse the canopy.