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  1. Jessica

    RIP Rev Jim

    Blue skies. Skydiving is for cool people only
  2. Nowadays it is my coupon book of wrath. (J/K, I don't coupon, I just watch for sales.) Skydiving is for cool people only
  3. Congratulations! Skydiving is for cool people only
  4. Jessica

    Wedding Pics

    My goodness, she's way out of your league! Congratulations. Marriage is awesome.
  5. Are you kidding me? Skydiving is for cool people only
  6. I quit skydiving about four years ago. It was a great way to spend my early 20s, and I miss it in an abstract way. But now I am busy being married, gestating children, being a homeowner, changing careers, etc. I am very, very happy without skydiving, which was a source of great fun, but also great stress, both emotional and financial. I can see myself being Wendy-ish, and coming back when my kids are less, er, fetal. I can also see myself taking up paragliding or windsurfing or piloting, instead. There's a world full of adventure out there. Skydiving is for cool people only
  7. My last day of teaching for the year is June 5. Can't wait. I get to hang out at home all summer and be really pregnant. The sweet, sweet monotony will only be broken by the photography class I'm taking at a local community college. The due date for my little boy is Sept. 6. I am so excited! More immediately: We're gonna go buy a comically large television set tonight. Why do boys want 50-inch screens? Do we really need to see Ryan Seacrest's pores? In any case, I'm looking forward to it because it will make my pet whuffo so happy. Skydiving is for cool people only
  8. I've been out of skydiving for too long -- my only reaction was "Really? Huh." Skydiving is for cool people only
  9. I live in Dallas; therefore, I am covered in glory. Go Stars! (I fell asleep during the second OT) Skydiving is for cool people only
  10. Ooh, I hope you try to "friend" me next. Skydiving is for cool people only
  11. Nobody was invited -- I eloped! Skydiving is for cool people only
  12. Look at your profile. There's a date that shows when you first signed up on Mine is Oct. 19, 2000. Describe what your life was like then, then describe what it's like now. Then: Twenty-four-year-old newspaper copy editor. Swingin' single. Idea of a good time was to drink and smoke and behave raucously until the bar kicked us out. Kind of lonely. Lived in a one-bedroom apartment in the trendy part of town with two parrots. Thought about nothing but skydiving and how to skydive more. Traveled a LOT. Had big dreams. Now: Thirty-one-year-old high school journalism teacher. Married. Pregnant. Idea of a good time is DVR'd episodes of The Office and 30 Rock along with a pint of cookies 'n cream. Happy. Lives in a three-bedroom house in the 'burbs with a cute boy, a cat, and one parrot. Does not skydive. Does not get to travel as much as she wants. Has big dreams. Skydiving is for cool people only
  13. Actually, wildblue is the father, which is why he did this: escape child support payments. Skydiving is for cool people only
  14. Jessica


    I am good. Hugely pregnant. I miss you guys too. The old days seem very distant, which is both awesome and horrible. Skydiving is for cool people only
  15. Jessica


    I am feeling very nostalgic all of a sudden. Skydiving is for cool people only