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  1. Snowflake

    Voltige 2001

    Nope, but riggers are good for more than just repacks. Any gear I've ever bought or sold that was not local(face to face) has been through my rigger. My rigger calls your rigger information is exchanged. My rigger can check out your rigger and vice versa. Then I have him ship or receive the gear at which point in time it can be inspected. After rigger approval of gear cash is exchanged and the gear is released. It's not foolproof, but most riggers are not willing to give up their reputation and/or their ticket for the $$$ involved in most transactions
  2. My opinion is that your trying to get certain actions into "muscle memory". Frequency and repetition count more than anything else. I averaged 1 a week through AFF, and would have gone faster if I could have afforded it. That's my .02
  3. Snowflake

    Rat Numbers

    You been slackin son. No new numbers since Decibel? You've been BASEing to much. Get back to work spreadin the love,it's what you do "best".
  4. Snowflake

    How to frame grab out of Premiere?

    I don't know about a dvd, but if you put an AVI in the timeline and move the indicator to the frame you want and either cntrl+shift+M or file-> export-> frame. Is that what your lookin for?
  5. Snowflake

    Skydive San Marcos

    all my life I've wanted to skydive, but for some reason I never got around to it. Well two weeks ago I changed that. My two friends and I went to Skydive San Marcos to remedy that situation. We got there early on Saturday and they gave us a brief rundown on what we were expected to do. All the Tandem masters were very knowledgable and knew when to throw in some humor to keep us somewhat loose. The jump was indescribable and so much fun that we all went again. I was hooked and this past weekend I completed my first AFF jump. My instructors briefed me thourghly and rehearsed the jump with me until I felt confident in my ability to execute my objectives for this jump. The jump went fairly good for my first jump I think. My instrctors debriefed me after the jump and were really good about pointing out the things I need to work on and making a point to let me know the things I did right. I left the DZ feeling like I had conquered the world and was ready to move on to the rest of the universe. My friend who did an AFF jump that day also drove 240 miles so she could take her instruction here instead of the place ( I won't mention their name here) 15 miles from her because of the feeling she got visiting there. There don't seem to be a lot of politics and everyone there is very friendly. I would highly reccomend Sky dive San Marcos as DZ. I will be traveling in late summer and will get a better idea how My DZ compares to others out there. Thanks a ton to Phil and Jeff my AFF instructors.