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  1. BigBearCards

    Exit Order Safety

    Samuraii, There is much data and even more experience from actual jumps that show what Brian has to say is true. It's kind of like 'climate change'. Many say it isn't true, but all the scientific and actual evidence prove it is. BLUE SKIES . . . and let the belly flyers go first. :o)
  2. BigBearCards

    Do Skydivers Care About Safety

    Bill, Time for you to invent some kind of shock absorbing risers or something that will save our backs and save our lives!! So glad to see how many have read this. Now if they just heed the words! BLUE SKIES, my friend!! :o)
  3. BigBearCards

    It's Not Only Size That Matters - Thoughts on Canopy Upsizing

    Dave, I talked to many people before I tried one of the new semi-eliptical canopies. After much discussion with MANY people, including manufacturers, I demoed the Silhouette. First turns on it made my stomach think I was on a roller coaster turn. Practiced landing flares up high and was satisfied that it would stop. First landing I flared a few feet high and it completely stopped in low wind - about 3' above the ground. Second jump, flared later. This time it completely stopped about 1' underground (LOL). Third was actually a charm. Doesn't do ANYTHING radical with small corrections low. Fast and sweet. I was jumping a 210 at about 1.0 wing loading. TOTALLY understand what you went through. Those new canopies are soooooo fast and do almost EVERYTHING much faster than I am comfortable with (my first square was an early Strato-Star, custom ordered brand new). Your article is definitely a 'must-read' for folks jumping the newer faster canopies. :o)
  4. BigBearCards

    Collapses and Turbulence

    John, Brian IS saying to fly in brakes in turbulent air. Same doctrine put another way. Brian, wouldn't cross porting a canopy known for collapsing in turbulent air solve that problem?