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  1. Meso, I have always wanted to use Paypal because of all the buyer and seller protection. So I was quite surprised to read that scammers are able to scam using Paypal (or fake Paypal). I am communicating with a seller about an altimeter right now. I sent an email through with an offer. He accepted it. I replied to his email and asked a few questions. Then he re-emailed me and gave a phone number and wondered if I was still interested. So it 'appeared' he didn't receive my emailed reply to his message. Also, I called the phone number and a woman said there was no Kyle (name on his add and his email). Do you think this may be a scam? The alti's price is under $100 and he accepted a lower offer than his ad. He doesn't appear to be on FB. His ad here on doesn't have a last name. Let me know what you think. Blue Skies! Mary :-)
  2. Wanna watch some X Rated Videos? Here's a link to some Xelent videos done by Mike Kearns and Jeff Boddiger for the EFS - NO, it's not EAT, F_CK, SKYDIVE, it's Eternal Friends of Skydiving. All the EFS Videos are now loaded to the Skydiving Encyclopedia. [url]
  3. I don't know where you jump but I know a LOT of jumpers with knee replacements, several with both including myself. As far as putting off the surgery till it gets worse, don't do it! I was so scared before my first one, back in 2000. 6 months later, when it was better than it had been in many years, I regretted waiting so long. When my Ortho said the second knee had to be done, I didn't hesitate, and it was no where as bad as the first one was when I had it done. Just MAKE SURE to do the PT and GET YOUR KNEE BACK after the surgery. A few months of hard work after the surgery and I got back full flex and more strength than it had in years. BLUE SKIES and SOFT LANDINGS!! :)
  4. Next trip to the US in the spring (or any time of the year) come to Southern California, or the Phoenix area (Eloy, AZ). Perris has a GREAT novice skydiver program with FREE Load Organizer coaches, a tunnel on site, complete gear sales and rentals, a clean (and inexpensive) bunkhouse, pool, restaurant, bar (GOOD food), and a friendly staff. Skydive AZ at Eloy is 'almost' as good (I'm a Perris jumper so a bit prejudice) with just about everything that was mentioned about Perris. BUT, when you come to SoCal, you can also go to Disneyland and a slew of other great places to visit AND skydive too!! BLUE SKIES and have a GREAT trip!!
  5. The AWESOME Leslie Gale, Editor of Skydive Magazine, just published this article about the Skydiving Museum's Skydiving Encyclopedia, brought to us all by the hard work and perseverance of Pat Works! Here's the link to the article: Check it out, and make SURE to visit the Skydiving Encyclopedia!
  6. Robert or j_ung, That doesn't happen IF you get tracking for the item when it is shipped, and make sure to load that tracking info in the Paypal transaction. The easiest way is to pay for the shipping and print the shipping label through Paypal's shipping system. That is NOT Click N Ship, by the way. But you have to have a printer and be able to print the shipping label, and I find so many people that are 'out of ink' or don't have a printer. Regardless, it can be very safe to sell items and receive money through Paypal if you pay attention to what's happening and ALWAYS ship with tracking - and keep the tracking receipt. BLUE SKIES!! Mary
  7. My good friend, mentor, and hero, Pat Works, has released for publication, enlightenment, and history both his books, UNITED WE FALL and Parachuting: THE ART OF FREEFALL RELATIVE WORK. They are now BOTH available at the following link on the Skydiving Encyclopedia, which he has made possible. REGISTER FREE to the Skydiving Encyclopedia, and PLEASE read, share, and enjoy this STILL RELEVANT work.
  8. The Skydiving Encyclopedia I have been working on with Pat Works is fast approaching 500 pages. In the past month we have loaded info on Deanna “Skydancer” Kent; Aerial Stuntman Arthur H. Starnes; “Controlled Freefall” in the Fly-Crazy 1920’s to 1940s; Chicks Rock – Ruby Deveau: Balloonist and Parachutist; Barnstormers, Dirty Low-Pullers, and Damn Fools – Perspectives on Pull Altitudes; Mike Truffer – Personal Recollections by Pat Works; The History of Modern BASE Jumping; Packing 101; and SO MUCH MORE! Every day we are adding new stories, pictures, and tons of historical info. PLEASE view our work and watch as the history of our sport unfolds in it's pages.
  9. These are REALLY nifty tools. But have you, or anyone, done pull tests to see that using all these types of devices aren't making the ripcord pull greater than allowed. Making it easier to get the loop up though a very tight container has always been the 'hardest' part of the pack job. And most of the time you could count on fabric compression to 'naturally' loosen it up, but I've heard of some folks having very hard ripcord pulls. I have a friend who took a pic holding her rig up by the reserve ripcord handle. Container had both main and reserve still packed in it. Ripcord pin stayed in place. Every repack I do a pull test on every rig I pack, and haven't had any that exceeded the limit, but I don't use any nifty devices like you've shown here (though I'd love that one with the temp pin recess - sooooo cool!). Let me know about your experiences with pull tests. :) Mary T. Master Rigger for 20+ years
  10. The slider was invented by J. Floyd Smith in 1948. It was adapted for use on squares by Greg Yarbenet of Erie, PA. He couldn't patent it because Floyd Smith already had, back in '51. Now the real question to ask here is WHY the ram air canopy manufacturers didn't start using it sooner. :o) reference
  11. BigBearCards

    Exit Order Safety

    Samuraii, There is much data and even more experience from actual jumps that show what Brian has to say is true. It's kind of like 'climate change'. Many say it isn't true, but all the scientific and actual evidence prove it is. BLUE SKIES . . . and let the belly flyers go first. :o)
  12. This post is just to inform all SRA group members and friends that you can get a BRAND NEW Cypres 2, Expert, Speed, or Student, on a Lease to Own for only $68 a month for 2 years. After you've made all your payments (for 2 years) you OWN it. This is an offer from a legitimate Cypres dealer, as referred to me by SSK. OR, you can lease a brand new one for only about $32 a month. The price for a Cypres two pin is $4 more a month, and the buyer/lessor pay shipping (and California residents also pay sales tax). This is a GREAT offer. Email me at [email protected] for an application form. BLUE SKIES!! :o)
  13. Bill, Time for you to invent some kind of shock absorbing risers or something that will save our backs and save our lives!! So glad to see how many have read this. Now if they just heed the words! BLUE SKIES, my friend!! :o)
  14. USPA is the ONLY organized group that keeps us in the air. REMEMBER that as you 'bash' them. USPA is US. Every board member was voted in by us. If they aren't doing something right, ELECT DIFFERENT BOARD MEMBERS instead of bashing them. That's like bashing yourselves. SO FEW members actually vote, so it would be REALLY EASY to get organized and get the board changed. If you DIDN'T VOTE for the board, then you have absolutely NO RIGHT to complain. As for Rich's mistake - he made a mistake. Everyone criticizing him has never made a mistake while jumping, right? Do we have nothing better to do than complain? GET A LIFE!! GO SKYDIVE and let it go.
  15. Have had contacts and jumped since early 70's. Tried MANY styles and types of goggles. Kroops always worked best, though I do tape the vents.