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  1. masterrigger1

    Senior Rigger Course

    Time Left: 7 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    We have slots available for the Fall 2019 riggers course. Dates are October 5th - 12th, 2019.The course will be held at our new facility in South Carolina.The syllabus includes both Square and Round training. Also available are Master Rigger ratings, Military Conversion Courses, and Sewing Machine Maintenance Courses as needed. We have the largest instructor base and rigging equipment available in the rigging school business and our instructor roster includes two of the longest standing DPREs with over 50 years of experience between them. If interested, please contact us at, by e-mail at, or by phone at 864-426-3040 for information regarding available slots, dates and pricing. A $250 deposit will hold your slot. Call today for further information.


    Buffalo, South Carolina - US

  2. masterrigger1

    Eclipse Container, Harness redo

    Text Sent... MEL
  3. I do not impose any age limit on reserves. If it is good with a thumb test, no stains, etc... It is good to go in my book. MEL
  4. masterrigger1

    Need recommendations for first main canopy.

    So was the Lightning taken to terminal?? Also, the was questionable xVX a standard VX, a JVX, or a "converted VX" with a JVX line set installed? This is not normal wear and tear BTW unless the lines are not coated. Technora is very wear resistant, but at the same time very supple and soft. It needs a coating to help prevent picking. It also is very easily damaged by UV. This is why we coat our lines. The bottom line is this. If you are buying canopies with Technora that is tan in color (uncoated);expect a short life of the lines. They simply will not last as long as ones that are coated. This is a known fact. ...and yes there are two manufacturers that I know of using uncoated lines. With regards to Vectran; it is a very wear prone medium but we know this up front. We coat the line in a clear polymer dip after manufacture to help bind the bundles together. This helps keep the grit out of the inside of the braid. It also adds to the life of the line material by being a "buffer" if you will. If the buffer takes a 100-200 jumps to wear off, this is 100-200 jumps that the material itself does not wear. We coat the line in two methods. The first is a clear poly coating. The second is a combo of the same poly and also a UV inhibitor for the Technora. Lifespan of both materials should be at least 400-700 jumps if properly coated. Well it depends on the canopy. If it is a slow opening canopy - Vectran always. If it is a small pocket rocket - Technora If it is a bigger canopy Like a Navigator - 525-600 Dacron If it is a Safire II or III, Crossfire II or III - 580 Vectran ...and etc... Hope this helps, MEL
  5. masterrigger1

    Price of crossfire3

    Yes, Just contact me. MEL 864-429-8428
  6. masterrigger1

    Current places to source Class-7 Singer parts???

    Kelly, Keystone sewing has some parts there in PA. The cloth plate is available here: I have some parts here also. MEL
  7. masterrigger1

    do I know anyone near mechanicsberg pa?

    Well, you know that I am headed up there this week......We have the rigger's course starting Friday. Mechanicsburg is just West, across the river from Elizabethtown. What are you scrounging up this time. Big, little...? MEL
  8. masterrigger1

    replacing / repairing factory tandem parts

    A Master Rigger can absolutely make parts and use them. There is no regulation that prohibits this. The only line is whether the part in question is TSO'd or not. If it is TSO'd then, authorization from the manufacturer OR the FAA is required. If the part is not TSO'd, then authorization is not required. MEL
  9. masterrigger1

    FCI 425r tandem reserve

    Ken, They are pretty good reserves. First TSO'd circa 1991. They were first used in the Jump Shack Tandem, some people prefer them to the PD Sigma reserve (me for one), and are also used by the Military. I was present during the heavy drops and can assure you that they are very tough. Packs like any other reserve BTW... MEL
  10. masterrigger1

    CSPA Rigger A crossover to Senior Rigger

    There is no crossover training. 1.You will need 20 supervised pack jobs under a FAA certified rigger.These pack jobs cannot be "for use" BTW... 2.A letter from the supervising rigger stating that you are good to go basically. 3.Meet with a FAA inspector and have two copies of form 8610-2 filled out and signed by the Inspector. 4.Pass a written exam 5.Take a Oral and practical with a DPRE Cheers, MEL
  11. masterrigger1

    Re: [masterrigger1] Hard Opening Incident-DeLand 5/25/2013

    John, Really! How did you come up with that equation? Do this for me: With a fish scale measure the difference between the stows (of the same size, exact same rubber band, and the same number of lines) of Spectra, Technora, Dacron, and Vectran. Then report your findings to us. I guess we should not be double stowing (more grip) the rubber bands by your theory! MEL
  12. masterrigger1

    Cypres2 Cutter Sheath Crack?

    Was it in a Mirage? MEL
  13. masterrigger1

    Line set HOP 330 mounting plan

    Here you go..... Cheers, MEL
  14. masterrigger1

    Must send back to factory for RSL install?

    Maybe the rigger is not a Master Rigger which would be required since it is a change to the original manufactured configuration... Also, some riggers will send complicated repairs to the factory as they may not have the skill sets, machinery, or both needed to do the work. Actually, the rigger sounds heads up to me! BS, MEL
  15. masterrigger1

    Dave Dewolf's 2012 riggers course

    Rob, Have you asked Dave if he knows of anyone? He might have a idea as to who is also looking for the same. Also, do not be late. The class picture is taken at 5PM sharp! See you there, MEL