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  1. i didnt spend anything on getting the container re-done at sunpath. they did it for free because i was homies with the guy who worked there.
  2. Hey guys, I have an old javelin that is still in great condition, but it's DOM is 1990. It was inspected and got all new webbing, metal and internal guts at the same time by Sunpath in Raeford. The only thing that is old is the actual cordura of the container which is in amazing shape. It currently has a PDR 143 DOM 01/16 in it - maybe 1 repack and no rides. I splurged over the summer and bought a brand new infinity and reserve. And now I am having trouble selling my old container and reserve, even though they are both like new items. Do you guys have any suggestions on selling it? I hate to part it out and then have to basically throw out the container.... What is a fair price for it? David
  3. i was looking at lodi. they run the whole week long? put up a good amount of loads on weekdays? dave
  4. You guys got any recommendations on a DZ to go to in late June early July? Gotta crank out some jumps on my new wingsuit. Got about 7 to 10 days. Need to be able to crank jumps out on weekdays. Someplace that isn't too hot preferably.... Cheers