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  1. I’m a new skydiver (A license 25 jumps) and want to test a few main canopies before I buy. Money is not much of an object so for the purpose of this post, cost should not be a consideration. I am presently 236 lbs and planning to be 200 lbs by jump season (Upstate NY). I have a harness and container (Mirage) and a reserve (tempo 210). I am going to buy a cypress 2 when I get my first main to test. My question is: I know I need at least a 200 sqft. canopy (1:1 when I jump again) but I want to know what is the best parachute system as far as design, durability, control, softest openings, and forgiving. Also I want the best track record in my main. I don’t want to be replacing lines 50 jumps in if I can help it or replacing the whole canopy because of rips or wear and tear. PLEASE LIST A FEW OF YOUR TOP PREFERED MAINS FOR NOVICE I haven’t found any recent forum posts on this and there have been many new designs and reviews since the last posts I’ve seen. Thank you for your time. Any and all opinions are appreciated. Joseph Adams A-84138
  2. Hey everyone I'm Joe and I live in upstate NY and dive in Vermont. So I'm technically not new to falling with style. I did my first tandem in 2008 and loved it so much that I did another one soon after. On that one the parachute malfunctioned and was cut away. I wasn't bothered by it and went for a third right after we landed! Now I'm on level 4 of the AFF course. I plan to go as far as this sport will take me!
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