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  1. Well, we got the back up running just in time, because the main server went down last night. The back up worked, but not ideally, so the Gossamer team is massaging the kinks out now. While we're in there mucking about, we're going upgrade a few other things as well. In the meantime, things are working, but if database queries get a little on the large side, things bottleneck and page-load times slow down. You might even see a proxy error or two. The team is working on it until it's fixed. In the meantime, I've very sorry for yet another inconvenience. Jay
  2. Cypres just built its 50,000th unit, and the thing is actually gold plated. They're giving it away to one lucky person who registers on their website: cypres.cc More to come when I hear of them.
  3. There's no chance I can make this a high-priority item, but let me see what I can do. In the meantime, watch that mouse. Edit: test attachment, don't mind me.
  4. j_ung

    Article Links

    Mmmmaaaayyybe... how about this instead? Check here and scroll down: http://www.rockclimbing.com/Articles/Photography/John_Scurlock_Peaks_of_the_Northwest_974.html See how the comments are enabled? Would something like that work?
  5. We had a bug this week that may have had something to do with it, but it was fixed yesterday. And I'm only guessing on that, since the timing seems right. Are you still seeing it? If so, would you mind getting me a screen shot? As for your concern, I'm pretty sure you haven't picked anything up. And if you did pick something up that blocks ads, let the rest of the users know. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.
  6. j_ung

    a few countries missing

    Ah, gotcha. Let me see what I can do.
  7. j_ung

    Sceduled Downtime: Midnight Tonight

    Sorry, make that an hour, not 15 minutes.
  8. j_ung

    Mobile web enchancements

    YES! Although not terribly soon. We may (MAY) be able to launch something like this by the end of the year, though. It's actually already on my big ideas list.
  9. j_ung

    email quota size

    3 mb doesn't seem like a whole heck of a lot does it? I think I'm required by law or something to say this, but premier members get 50 mb of email storage. Okay, now that's done, I'll look into upping it some. In return, please realize that DZ has a LOT of registered users and it really does add up quickly. Stay tuned. Jay
  10. j_ung

    classifieds scams

  11. j_ung

    Welcome Jay Young

    Hi folks, I may have met a few of you in the Bonfire back when Willem and Daniel bought Rockclimbing.com. If not, hi, I’m Jay Young. A little about me, first. I’m a longtime climber, and I’ve been involved with Rockclimbing.com for a number of years, including acting as editor of her Gear Guide under Daniel. My professional background is in climbing, content and journalism; I’m not a coder, nor do I have much technical web experience to speak of. I live and work in Fayetteville, WV (think Bridge Day), where my wife and I moved to be closer to rock and whitewater. I’m certain that you all have a lot of concerns and questions. I’ll try to address a few of them in this post; please feel free to ask about anything and everything else. First of all, I guess you’re worried, and I understand why. Here’s this asshole you don’t know, who has probably never jumped, doesn’t have clue #1 about your culture in the sky, let alone on this site, and yet, he’s been hired to run it. Well, that pretty covers it. About all I do have is an understanding that I don’t know those things. It ain’t much, but armed with that, I think I can proceed cautiously and delicately. Though I have been hired in part to help DZ grow as a revenue source for Namemedia, I intend to do so with a long perspective. My philosophy is that growth will be won by preserving the culture and integrity of this site, and I’ll try to do so by adding infrastructure and functionality where it can do the most good for the most people. In the private moderators’ forum, billvon mentioned that the development of this site has been emergent, rather than deterministic. I’ll always keep that in mind. So I guess the big question now is, what happens next? First off, as of right now, Willem still has primary responsibility for everything on DZ.com. He and Daniel have agreed to assist for a while to help facilitate the transfer of things. Where I hope we’re headed is toward a smooth transition that takes as long as it needs to take, while still moving steadily forward. Eventually, I’ll have primary responsibility for all of it, but an actual timeline has yet to be determined, and will probably remain somewhat fluid. It’s important to mention, though, that I don’t envision a time when I will ever act to do anything here without a lot of advice from trusted and respected members of the community. On that note, I will also say that one of my earliest tasks is to gather feedback about the site from you. I have a few ideas about things that may or may not be kinda cool, but I don’t yet know which of them are viable and which are not. So, it is at this point in time that I would like to open a discussion up to your ideas. Is there some functionality you’d like to see added? Is there something you think really needs to stay the same? Is there a direction you feel DZ.com is headed – and should continue on? Or not? Or, do you just have questions? I make no promises that any feedback will become reality. I only promise that I’m listening. For everything else, I’ll let my actions speak for me. Let the games begin!