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  1. NiteQwill

    Vector V3 One piece or 2 piece leg straps

    One piece is much more comfortable over a 2-piece, especially under canopy. The 2-piece does offer additional mobility. Is it better than the one piece for freefying? IMHO, no. The trade off is not worth it. IMO, I would take a 1 piece every day of the week.
  2. As some know, the UK military trains primarily at Elsinore several months out of the year. Many of these jumpers are on (or just beginning) AFF progression.
  3. NiteQwill

    pulled cutaway handle on exit

    The look on his face is priceless. On the bright side, he didn't pull the other handle at least.
  4. NiteQwill

    Eye protection

    I know a lot of folks who jump with oakley minutemen, square fives, etc. I've never heard of any problems unless you wear contacts.
  5. NiteQwill

    Double Stowing Question

    Because a band tends to break above the attachment point, not AT the attachment point. With that said, I double stow all my locking stows and other stows. I too use Spectra line. Most people I've jumped with do the same, as well as the packers at my DZ (unless they use the black bands). When I run out, I will probably buy smaller mil-spec bands and single stow and see how it works from there.
  6. What's your price and comfort range? There's a nice country inn in that area, but expensive.
  7. NiteQwill

    Freefly Sit Links

    Are you talking about the Niklas Daniel videos on You Tube?
  8. NiteQwill

    Monterey Bay area DZs

    Monterey has 2 DZ's in about 15 miles apart. You have Monterey and Hollister to the north. As far as California, usually a morning marine layer that burns off. More inland (Hollister), it burns off real early. California has many, many DZ's to choose from. We're spoiled all year round with our weather, too.
  9. No expert, but isn't that the purpose of the retaining spandex that usually helps tuck the excess strap away? With that said, my Mirage container has a "doubled over" flap at the end that would prevent it from falling out like you described. I feel that leg straps are far more important since they help prevent you from falling out of the rig on opening (which happened last year I believe, in Florida). With that, I would believe ALL straps are important... just make sure their all tightened, with excess stowed away.
  10. NiteQwill

    New equipment markup %???

    It's not just R&D but the cost of purchasing/making the material to make the equipment. Many businesses in the past year went out of business because they simply were not making enough to cover the cost of supplies from their suppliers, who, inadvertently hike up prices because fuel is expensive.