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  1. tornado

    Keith Colwick

    Keith man, thats very sad. Blue skies to you.
  2. tornado


    RIP mate.
  3. tornado

    600 jumps/24 HR's!!!!!!

    whats up Mark, lol, nice russian next time I see you, I will teach you some more russian
  4. tornado

    600 jumps/24 HR's!!!!!!

    how did I do that? ;)
  5. tornado

    600 jumps/24 HR's!!!!!!

    I took some pictures, when he did 534/24 hours. here the link, 600/24 its 166 jumps more
  6. tornado

    Exit from Piper Cherokee?

    thanks a lot for information evryone
  7. tornado

    Exit from Piper Cherokee?

    its another model of cherokee on a picture above, mine is small 4 seater, 2 doors, no cargo door.
  8. tornado

    Exit from Piper Cherokee?

    shropshire I did send you PM
  9. tornado

    Exit from Piper Cherokee?

    yes, door is kinda weird, and handle to hold on to aircraft far away. But I know someone did it before, I wanna hear what they will say.
  10. tornado

    Exit from Piper Cherokee?

    Hi there! I planing make a jump from my friends cherokee, if someone know how to get out from this aircraft, plz, let me know. thanks
  11. tornado

    SWEET video clip

    Klassnoe video
  12. tornado

    Dead's day BASE boogie

    Nice video!!! Like it a lot
  13. tornado

    SWEET video clip

    shas glyanem