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  1. Keith man, thats very sad. Blue skies to you.
  2. whats up Mark, lol, nice russian next time I see you, I will teach you some more russian
  3. I took some pictures, when he did 534/24 hours. here the link, 600/24 its 166 jumps more
  4. its another model of cherokee on a picture above, mine is small 4 seater, 2 doors, no cargo door.
  5. yes, door is kinda weird, and handle to hold on to aircraft far away. But I know someone did it before, I wanna hear what they will say.
  6. Hi there! I planing make a jump from my friends cherokee, if someone know how to get out from this aircraft, plz, let me know. thanks
  7. ok, what if you go first in jetta and I am right behind ya on my honda? and we will brake at 5k
  8. dude, lets make a trade first, my 96 honda civic for your 2000 jetta, before you drop it
  10. Yes. I jump over there to. Just right now I dont have chanse skydive it all. So, at least I try found someone who live down here, maybe ride motorcycle together or go to bar etc. I just move over here from temecula couple weeks ago and I dont know nobody here. Thats all story.
  11. Hi everyone. I am looking for friends in Oceanside or Vista, maybe someone live down here?
  12. Nice video!!! Like it a lot