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  1. I haven’t jumped in 7 years. Doing a recurrency jump tomorrow. Wish me luck and some blue skies!
  2. Bmore_Chrissy Flyfast gweeks LuckyMcSwervy merino007 nshmel pnfilipowsky scrumpot surfrgrl1 velvetjo x46255 yellow97tt6spd rudderow prob just for saturday and sunday though. can i get a discount on the registration for being a non-drinker?
  3. Yes, unfortunately, I am selling any and everything I own in order to save money for my move. It's going to be expensive. I don't know that I'll have much money to spend on jumping this season, but i'm hesitant to sell my rig. maybe if i sell my house, i can save money by living w/ mom and dad and then i can jump!
  4. haha!! i like that! PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  5. I just got my BEER wingsuit!! Tony and I designed it during the New Years boogie. Can't wait to jump it. My butterfly / aerobat. PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  6. hey. i'm interested. hit me up. PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  7. a little late in responding, i know... i haven't been on here in a while. just wanted to say, BEST FREEZEFEST EVER!!! thanks so much!! hope to see everyone soon. Safety Day? PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  8. Hey! I'm planning on heading out to Delmarva this weekend (if the weather is good). What aircraft will be flying? I have a jump ticket from about 2 years ago. Is it still good? Sergey, if you are gonna be there, i have a BASE rig to give to you to give to Gregor. thanks! PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  9. why does it cost more for jumpers than non-jumpers? PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  10. it's my bday on Friday the 13th!! taking the day off so i can jump!! woohoo!! PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  11. PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  12. Sorry I jumped on ya. I just really REALLY wanted this to happen. I just bought a house in Baltimore and was stoked to be able to jump locally and not have to drive up to NJ anymore. (gas + tolls = $$$$) fingers crossed that it still comes together in the end. Brent and Flora are simply amazing people and they have such huge plans for their DZ. It's unfortunate that they are facing so many obstacles. PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  13. There sure as hell SHOULD be!!!!! THAT would make a kick-ass season opener!!! when are you guys coming to visit? you know we miss you!!!!! PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  14. Why the negativity? What do you gain from spreading uninformed rumors? SDB needs support from the skydiving community, not ridicule. Who do you think you are? PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687
  15. Don't forget SKYDIVE BALTIMORE. They are opening up next week! A Cessna 206 is arriving on Monday the 14th. They will be doing mostly tandems in the very very beginning. But they WILL be open to fun jumpers as well. It may not be up and running at the moment, but any day now -- keep checking the website. Located right off 95, about 20-30 minutes north of Baltimore. Add them to your list!! PMS #165 Swooo #613 CSA #687