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  1. Or then you just build your own: http://www.matthoover.com/gallery/skydiving-videos/Phyxius_Project-HQ.html
  2. If you some day wish to set up official competition courses, you might want to concider oval / diamond shapes. http://www.fai.org/parachuting/system/files/cp_2010.pdf on pages 9 & 11 you get info regarding sizes. regs, Thomas
  3. If you want the best money can buy, go here ( at least if you ask me) : http://www.lookma.de/Starting_Page/starting_page.html extremely comfortable with ergonomically shaped weights and a cut away option. thomas
  4. I lost an early Vapor at 5k some years ago as the closing latch broke on linestrech. Amazingly enough my Sony trv 120 worked, at least kind of, even after impact.... We'll it had to be scrapped eventually. In the end I was able to save my Protrack, sight-assembly and Cam-eye. Thomas
  5. My record with a heavy tandem pair was something close to 35 lbs. With big wings you can still get that nice low angle ..... Thomas
  6. Yup - totally agree. If you are light as I am you can even increase your range with lead....
  7. I have close to 1500. OK, so does that mean that I don't need to set my brake line excess? As with all jumping, one can never attempt to be too safe. In the end, specially in this sport, stupidity will make you pay .... Thomas
  8. Add to that the fact that there are solutions available that stow your excess brake line in such a way that it stays safe and cannot fly around. You can never be too safe :) Thomas
  9. Talking to videographers is the key, but first learn to fly, and by that I mean learn to fly so that you are able to fly your body freely and accurately WHILE you are focusing on the object you are filming. One of the biggest safety risks in cameraflying is that you get very caught up in the filming, meaning that your brain uses more time processing that then your actual flying (and avoiding others in the air or following their movements). So once you can fly, kind of by instinct (cannot put it any better, sorry), you can prepare yourself for flying camera as well. my few, petty, cents, Thomas
  10. Time to post but no time to update jump #s ? Tomppa
  11. I would not recommend it. The hard drive does not function at exit altitude and will eventually shredd the HD. my few cents, Thomas
  12. http://www.boblbee.com/US/ try the Double decker.. Expensive, but well worth the money! Thomas
  13. Actually some are. I originally designed mine myself. The main idea was to have a slim freesuit that attaches wings. The attachment is done like on wingsuits with cables. The manufacturer is: http://j-suits.com/ I'll see if I could post pics.... Tomppa
  14. At our DZ we kind of think of it this way: - If you're a Canopy Pilot, you do that and exit around 5k in nice order and separation, do you stuff and come out as a hero. - A swooper however takes his small canopy in with the traffic from 12k with all the rest and still demands that He, as an individual, has the right to do a at least a 270 downwind in front of the packing area/manifest/bar whatever is closest...- zipping in between the fuc*ers who do straight in or even the pathetic 90 approach!! The sad shit is that in this issue, as always, the ones being serious tend to be flagged as the mass and suffer from it. That's why I think there is a significant difference between the Swooper and the Pilot. just a few pennies, T
  15. Basic aerodynamics vs drag vs line setup, I would figure? Add in some brake setting issues and there you......