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  1. Hey guys, Sorry I made a mistake by using my business address and not where I do my skydiving training (earth- but mainly JumpTown) or Tunnel Training (earth - but mainly XP and Montreal) It's good to keep an eye out for what is best for the skydiving community as a whole, I applaud those who stand up for unfair business tatics and will support any efforts to do so. As a business owner I would also caution individuals from making assumptions without properly research. I am in process of editing my info on as well as updating my website as it now just has a splash page. Blue ones and best regards, Dave Brown Freefly Training Center LLC 23 Linbrook Rd, West Hartford CT 06107 [email protected] Team Mandrin USA USPA National Champions 4-way VFS Current FAI World Record Holder 4-way VFS [email protected] +1 xxx xxx xxxx mobile xxxxxxxxxxx skype
  2. One of the most real, honest, no bullshit, no fancy beer drinkin, big mustache havin guy I have ever known and had the pleasure to spend time with. Your missed but never forgotten! -db
  3. Thanks for the info Howard! Jumptown is a club and re-invests in it's jumpers by making available at no additional cost to it's members and visiting jumper's my services on a once an monthly basis 6 months out of the year. If you have any questions on this just shoot me an e-mail anytime. Regards, Dave [email protected]
  4. Hey all, Looking for a ride to Sebastian from MCO, arriving on Delta Flight 1409 at 5:16pm If you can hook me up shoot me a PM or e-mail dave at teammandrin dot com will split the gas and beer. Thanks and c-ya all there for the 80's party Sat night! -db-
  5. If anyone is also interested in Pylon races during the invasion I have started a list, to add your name to it shoot me an e-mail or PM. c-ya there, -db-
  6. Smells bellow.... Hi freeflydave, On 10-Dec-2008 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => delitalo1 URL => Name => Andrew FromEmail => [email protected] City => London Country => United Kingdom Comments => Hello an i'm highly interested in buying your item. I will be glad if you can get back to me with the following information about the item . 1 The final price 2 Your reason for selling 3 Pictures of the item and the general condition I will be willing to buy the item if you can get back to me as soon as possible. I will be waiting to read from you Regards Andrew +447024032389 Deli Andrew [[email protected]] Hello, Thanks for the response.I have realyed the condition of the item to my client.And he really likes it and he has agreed to pay the amount you charge on it.He made me understand that he wants to pay you with a certified cheque or money order which is very easy to cash once you pay it into your account.Also he made perfect arrangement regarding the shipment of the item at your house because we have a shipping company that will come for the shipment when yu recieve the cheque.So i will like you to mail me your the following information so that he can lodge the payment to you: FULL NAME........................ FULL ADDRESS........................... ZIP CODE...................................... PHONE NUMBER............................ COUNTRY......................................... Am very sure you are an honest person and like to deal with you and i want us to act on trustworthy and honesty.the item is very important to my client because he want to make use of it in its new film ,So you need not to worry about the shipping.My shipper will take care of the shipping when you contact the for the shipping. My client is ready to offer you $600 so that you will reserve it for me .I hope you understand all the above arrangements.If you are okay with it kindly get back to me withh all the information so that we can proceed. I will be willing to read from you soon. Best Regards Andrew
  7. I'm in but only to one up Plamer... we can both "really" freefly someone told us once... not sure what the difference between points and otherwise is but I'm always game for ALL OF IT !!
  8. Hey, thanks for the thanks however I must defer your admiration to the real hero's of the Tiki that night. Mike and Biff gave up their prize money to cover the tab in lew of throwing me under the bus to get the votes for their video. An unplanned benifit to being at Summerfest 08, and what a joy! Until next time, be well. Later -db-
  9. Regardless of the DZ.... Skittles, your a big deal in my world. My pleasure to have become your friend over the past year ! And any comments to your doing things to be like others.... well lets just say I know your an original ! -db-
  10. Factory Diver... mo betta !!
  11. Interested in doing it for VFS teams as well? Its all the same... just 90 degrees off... nice work btw... -db-
  12. Jarrett, got to be honest with ya bra... I smell what yo steppin in and like yo style. Been on tha Factory Diver schedule for years now and will never deal with another lid. Well, except fo my bran new NV only cause Thomas Hughes rocks it soooo well. To quote a genius... "IMO the flip ups are little overated. You can have a factory diver on top of your head like a hat. Pull it down and your ready to go. "
  13. I know of 6 people who lost external audibles, save yourself the risk and potential loss. I would recommend factory diver or NV, full and open face helmets with internal audible pockets. Be well, -db-
  14. One team locked in....keep sending in the applications, deadline is end of Feb. PM me if you have any questions. later Dave