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  1. does anyone know where to find the dave brown tribute tee shirts???
  2. simon, is the memorial jump video anywhere around yet? thanks man and god bless
  3. Hey all, are any tunnels in the US having Flight Instructor Training Program's this summer 2011? looking to get my IBF Lev1. Gracias and blue skies Shaun
  4. does anyone know if there is a rig manufacturing company who has a payment plan. rigs are so expensive today, i just cannot afford to put up 5-6000 dollars all at once. any help is greatly appreciated blue ones shaun
  5. here is a serious question? how does one go about being a weekend warrior to a full time professional. skydiving is a driving force in my life and i want to do it for work as well as fun. any serious suggestions from people who have been at the crossroad and made the transition from desk jockey to dz staff? gracias to all
  6. does anyone know where i can find a basic riggers course/apprentiship in the rhode island area. thanks and blue skies shaun
  7. is there any jumping going on @jumptown with all of this cold snowy weather? let me know. gracias
  8. save your money and buy a TONFLY FUEGO PRO. there way more comfortable, and lightweight. and they have zkulls so when your ready for the camera, just pop the box on and go. yeahhhhh
  9. anyone out there have any good experiences with resume writing websites? or in general just good examples of job winning resumes? i'm looking for something with samples and tutorals if possible. any help is much appreciated. i need a good job, this skydiving thing is seriously putting a dent in my finacial world gracias amigos and amigas
  10. anyone out there have any good details about manufacturing tubes? more specific: what type of material for the handle (picture please) and where to buy it cheaply? i have the material and sewing knowlege, metal rings ect... just need the general know how from someone experienced at manufacturing tubes. is there a general instruction to follow? please post the link if so. gracias amigos
  11. so me and some of my amigos are headed to zhill's this december, does anyone know of any good cheap places to sleep and rent a car from? also does the area have a good new years party? gracias