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  1. And off course, as part of this mega, hardcore (not for ultrasoftchickenpussies) blasting and epic event, there will be organised a first national and EVER in the history - CROATIAN WINGSUIT COMPETITION! Starts immediately on Saturday 23rd till Sunday 24th. See you there! P.S. bringing several livers with me :)
  2. Hi there..i am proud owner of vortex, two hurricanes and decelator.. I am not a dealer but dozen orders went through my hands (canalized my friends' orders to dealer) and never had or heard something bad about product and/or customer service...
  3. Jadera

    Point Break Remake Trailer

    "c'mon Johnny..... fly like an eagle baby!" :)
  4. Hi everybody! I need your opinion about the following: what are the differences in canopies when it comes to line twists? let's say we are talking about 120 size 9 cell eliptical and 120 size 7 cell canopy (spectre, storm, etc.). Are 7 cell canopies more "forgiving" during line twists giving you more time to un-twist? Thnx!
  5. Hi people! I am considering of buying quadra 150 (Paratec) canopy as my second canopy - for wingsuit only. Can anybody tell me more about this canopy? Most important : openings? Found only one YT video with Q 170 showing its shitty openings (no snivel at all).. C ya!
  6. So...what do you all think..is it now recommendable to by black based on the last update or still wait for other updates for other bugs to be resolved?
  7. hehehhe...nice one... seriously, anybody?
  8. Anyone has any news on the new hybrid canopy from Parachute systems - Vixen? is it (going to be) similar to neos or something completely else?
  9. Definitelly Hurricane from parachute systems.. have experience both with Hurricane 150 and 120 (currently owned)
  10. On their page they say that it would be a tight fit. maybe anyone knows that in practice?
  11. Why i'm not using only T2i for video is the lack of autofocus during recording..ok, during jumps focus on my cx 105 is set to manual, and T2i does not have any problem with that. However, when it comes to the recording on the ground with, lets say lots of zooming in/out where autofocus during recording would be of the importance, T2i is in the inferior position. ok, you can ENABLE AF during recording on T2i but it doesn't work well + the sound of focusing which is also recorded. OR, you can do all such focusing MANUAL which is for me pain in the ass, especially with thin focus ring on my 18-55 kit... This is the reason why now I have two sources of material which need to be combined into movie.. Thanx, DSE...Can you please recommend a web site or something else where can I learn more about format, codecs, HD, etc. I know that there was a great article on your web site called " Demystifying HD formats" or something like that. I tried to find it and read it more carefully this time, but i am required to register over and over (finally, some error ocurred saying that article cannot be loaded)
  12. 4dbill thanx for the response, too.. I think those 44Mb/s are quite enough, comparing to 16Mb/s took with cx 105. I am using After Effects CS4 for effects, color corrections, etc.., and final rendering is performed with Vegas Pro 9 yes, the logical thing would be to jump with T2i....
  13. DSE, thanx for the response! 1.understood 2.understood 3. my aim is to preserve the most quality footage format after exporting the final movie regardless to which format I plan to convert afterward (dvd, web, etc) 4. understood what i did not know is that those two formats took with cx 105 / T2i are so different (bitrate, colors, etc..) By "NLE" I suppose you mean non linear editing?
  14. Hi everybody, I need your help/explanations... Recently I bought T2i/550 d. For footage during skydive I use Cx105. I am shooting in the FH mode (highest bitrate). Also, on the ground I am shooting with T2i/550d. Now i plan to make short movie combining the clips made with both cameras. Please answer to my questions below: 1. Sony shoots AVCHD/16Mb/*.mts format. Canon shoots ?/?Mb/*.mov format.? 2. Is this *.mov format whithout compression (unlike AVCHD)? 3. I usually exported edited movie (shot only with cx 105) as AVCHD (same characteristics as original footage made with cx 105) in order not to lose quality of picture. To which format I should export movie made of combined *.mts and *.mov formats? 4. can somebody please explain difference between format and container? Thanx to all of you Best regards