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  1. From what I can tell he has a velcro BASE rig on, and you can see him pull and his canopy flight , it just looks far away because of the wide angle lense.
  2. I think the only way to make it the way you want it would have been to use a different shutter speed/aperture. What were the settings of those at the time you took the picture and what kind of camera were you using? Edit to add my attempt at it
  3. blue skies isn't a drop zone anymore, hasn't been for a year or so. and dont forget skydive Snohomish.
  4. This is pretty much the same thing that happens to me but if you didn't already know its just for the editing playback, after you've rendered it into whatever format your going to use it will play just fine. Although it is a pain when dealing with transitions and other effects when putting them in the video.
  5. My advice, if you have a job keep it, and if you in school stay in school, in the long run it will benefit you greatly and you'll jump more. Or if you don't have a job and are not going to school, learn how to pack and start packing best way to get money, i mean really, how else could a 17 year old like myself get enough money to get around 120 jumps over the summer and his own gear.
  6. 0:1:0 clouds suck only one hop n' pop at around 5:30 ish a big hole opened up at the drop zone and blue skies everywhere, though both the pilots had a drink by then so no jumping
  7. one helicopter jump, but it was the best jump i have ever had.
  8. friday- school stuff saturday- nothing but packing sunday- a little packing then jump as much as possible, maybe a helicopter jump if they will let me. monday- homework
  9. well yeah i get your point on that, but like Nataly said just getting him out there to hang and he might like it and possibly end up doing a jump, though i think he'd be more open to it if you were on the same load as him. If not then maybe just get him to come out and be an observer on a load. You just have to ease some people into the skydiving community i guess.
  10. you should have tried to persuade him in to the tandem more, if he liked you i bet he would have done one, but that's just my 2 cents.
  11. are you sure its not a pencil down a mine shaft issue?
  12. What happened to red beard and blue beard after their ships collided? They were marooned.