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  1. I don't know if you have seen but the tunnel now can change both airspeed and angle of attack, guys working there are doing some silly stuff in big acro suits like freaks/Hogs and judging by how quick people progress I do think that it will be same story as with free flying and vertical tunnels. It is also a great tool for begginers, I did FFC with 2 people who first did 30 min in wingsuit tunnel and they aced it, really smooth flying.
  2. My friend jumps with one, send me a PM with your email adress and I can send you a link to a raw file of one jump so you can make your own judgment how it works in freefall. I think the stabilisation is sick but it gets confused sometimes and quality is not as good as a Go pro. As long as it doesnt crash as often as GP7 it seems like it will be a good conteder.
  3. There is a video somewhere where a group of wingsuits get out and fly in line of flight, one guy jumps after them and is supposed to do a high pull but instead takes a long delay and flies through wingsuit formation. Sure, they could have turned away from jump run as soon as they got out but shit happens. Plus one big factor winth wingsuits jumping last is that everybody can jump closer to the dropzone, we won´t have a problem getting back from a long spot unless the pilot made a massive mistake
  4. You dont have to depower anything, if anything it will make the suit fly worse. I started with Swift 1, moved on to Swift 2, never touched the zippers in the beggining and never had a problem, tried few times to open up the zippers just for fun and I felt it was harder to fly it. Let it inflate and do its job. And I agree that funks are slow as hell, I also always had to fly in brakes in my swift 2 in formation with a Funk. It could ofcourse be the pilot but I'm not so sure.
  5. I guess there is something to it, Yury won advanced class during Tony suits Performance Class in ATC leaving Freaks and even a Colugo 3 behind him. Ofcourse a lot depends on the pilot but I remember Amber kicking ass in her ATC in Speed competition last year. Anybody have jumped both ATC and Freak 2 with flysight enough times to compare the two?
  6. Nothing to see, you guys were right. Elevation on flysight data goes up by few feet but what I did not check was all the other data, first of all the alltitude gain takes like half a second, second my vertical velocity is around 20-40 miles/h at top of the "flare". I jumped with a borrowed flysight and got excited when I looked at the graph quickly
  7. +1 on a Thriatlon. It seems to work very well as a WS canopy. Used ones are dirt cheap, I have a 120 that I load 1.6-1.7ish, it has around 800 jumps on original lineset and it works pretty damn well after I dialed in my packjobs. Jumped it mostly with Swifts but had good openings when trying Freak and ATC once I figured out deployment during flaring. When it ends up in linetwists, it flies straight. What I like the most about it is that it's super easy to pack, the material almost feels like F111 even though it's not. It also works ok for normal terminal jumps, you can pack it for super soft openings. The glide is pretty bad though but it might be only at higher wingloadings, not sure. I personally think WS specific canopies are a bit overkill unless WS is the only thing your gonna be doing anyway. but I understand why people get them to upsize. If you figure out proper deployment technique any 7 cell will do just fine and you will be able to use it for normal jumps too.
  8. I do have a flysight data from a jump with 10ft gain if i remember correctly, I will post it when I get home
  9. I did menage to gain alltitude in a Swift 3, only like 10-15 ft but I only hade few jumps on it, never could do that in Swift 2 though, I guess Swift 3 has airlocks helping keeping the suit pressurised when you flare? It was super fun though, I got the same feelings in the flare as with ATC or Freak, just obviously not as much alltitude gain.
  10. Best trackers can sustain 1.6-1.8 glide ratio in PTS from what I gather. Hard to max out your suit without reference points, I think the only way to see how good your tracking is actually base jumping same exit point over and over again. But then again, base tracking is more about how you can get most horizontal distance by playing with your AOA through the alltitude window you get, gaining speed, creating lift, bleeding off speed to fly as far as possible. Skydiving will not get you very far
  11. I did maybe 15 jumps on prodigy 2 and didn't really like the suit so I sold it, 2 years later I started jumping with swift 1 and thought it was actually easier to fly it plus performace was way better. Prodigy felt more like a tracksuit to me. I did over 100 jumps on swift 1 and 2 before I tried ATC, I think going straight from prodigy would be a big step. I think doing some jumps on swift 2 before getting in ATC would be the wise thing to do. Plus learning backflying in a smaller suit would probably make you learn faster than doing that in ATC which is VERY powerfull suit compared to prodigy. Also, deployment will be completely different and more challenging in the beggining than what you are used to, I hope you have a WS friendly canopy. So my advice would be, borrow a swift, do some jumps in it and then go for ATC if you feel comfortable, even a Swift will surprise you with how much more performace you will be getting.
  12. Once I started packing this way, my openings improved a lot during WS jumps.
  13. Finland, I doubt they jump much during winter time. I would contact some dropzones in southern Spain/Portugal if I were you
  14. Thanks guys, I do remember that article you mention, can't find it though... anyone having some tips on how to do your own inlets?
  15. Any tips? How effective can you back fly with no backfly inlets,? Any chance being able to fly next to others with decent forward speed or you need to go steep to keep the wings more pressurised? I'm a begginer with Swift 1 and have not tried it yet. Anyone tried retrofitting their own inlets?