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  1. fanya

    tandem instructor course

    I got my tandem license at 530 or something. The next 200 jumps were terrifying. It got better from there.
  2. Skydiving is dangerous. Hope this helps.
  3. Earplugs for the ride up and the ride down make both experiences infinitely better. I wore the fancy ones for a couple thousand jumps, and I've worn the foam ones for about a thousand jumps now. The foam ones are way better. I have forgotten my ear plugs a few times and it just about drove me mad.
  4. fanya

    60" drogue

    freefall can be weird, they like to "buck" per say. but openings are fine. more fabric in the pouch, they like to try to "hang" out more, just gotta be a little more careful and mindful in airplane and pre-exit drogue checks.
  5. fanya

    Packing Lodi

    5 dollars a tandem, no clue how busy they are anymore
  6. fanya

    Any advice regarding getting current?

    What others have said. Greater than 12 months and less than 24 is a ground refresh, solo jump with a tandem rig and one jump with an examiner. Greater than 24 months is a full TI course again. Unless you know people that will just sign you off... This is all US stuff though, no idea how your New Zealand to UK things will work. I took 18 months off after 3000 tandems, I did my first tandem back with the examiner and it was like I never left, stood up the landing and all.
  7. I don't think anyone is implying that bill has a monopoly on safety. But Bill is completely unhesitant about kicking your ass off his DZ. Bill has this weird expectation that you are an adult and can take care of yourself, and if you can't, you go skydive somewhere else. And once again, not exclusive to Bill, but considering that a lot of times there are 3 airplanes dropping jumpers on a Saturday, his safety record is pretty good. Bill runs a machine, a well oiled skydiving machine, don't mess up his machine and give him money, and you'll be fine.
  8. fanya

    Tips for packing a new canopy?

    This is similar but not the same, the guy is still folding the ears under. This is the correct name, thanks! A little googlefu which give us this thread turns this up I find packjob easier to control with this method, also the theory behind it is that it puts the fabric to the back of the tail, instead of in front of the nose. He touches on that in his introduction paragraphs.
  9. fanya

    Tips for packing a new canopy?

    What is the method called where after you get the triangle you fold the "ears" on top of the canopy and then do the s-folds? w-something, wuri or something? Way easier to control the fabric than the conventional method of rolling it under. I've used it for a few thousand pack jobs.
  10. Haha, I highly doubt that a disguised person can hang in Lodi and pass unnoticed. Bill even charges "hang out" tickets if someone is hanging there and is not jumping. If people refuse he tells them to fuck off the area. Really? So tandem students aren't allowed to have family and friends come watch? Or are they required to leave after the jump is done? Or are simple spectators who want to watch the jumping charged? We get folks parking along the road, watching (maybe 50 yards from tandem landings). We get locals coming in and watching from the spectator area (not a lot, but some). Every once in a while, one decides to make a jump. They often buy stuff from the vending machines. The DZO thinks it's good 'neighbor relations' to be nice to them. Have you been to Bill's operation? Plenty of space to sit outside and watch. Not really any area to sit around and inconspicuously watch the cash flows of the DZ. He would notice you, ask if you were going to jump or what you were doing. If you said anything to the effect of I'm watching friends/family jump or watching people jump because I might want to jump myself, he would say the watching area is outside. I doubt you are going to get away with the excuse of that you would like to watch the 5 minute promo video, or other peoples tandem skydives on the TV for two hours. Wow, sounds like a killer vibe. Once the investigation is over & he decides to maintain his aircraft, I'll definitely be sure to drop by... Bill is in the business of skydiving from 9am - 3pm, not hanging out. He also sells 15$ skydives so he figures you should be doing plenty of them. If you make two, scattered throughout the day, he generally won't harass you as long as you stay out of sight the rest of the time. If you are trying to hang out and live there on the cheap (one or two skydives a day) staying out of Bill's line of sight goes a long way. Granted he hasn't forgotten you are then, but you aren't in the line of fire. Plenty of time for hanging out outside of skydiving hours.
  11. ya man, no worries, I'll be fine. Let us know how it goes. :beer:
  12. 15-20 minutes of some basic yoga is what I did before doing tandems each day.
  13. Yowzers... Think I might have taken a pass on jumping Wednesday.... I love how Bill was basically like, it was a really big inconvenience to not run my planes and have skydiving going on, it cost me a lot of money. It'll be interesting to see what comes of this. Does the FBI normally get involved for tax evasion? I mean what else would they want waivers, videos and credit card / cash receipts for other than piece together a case of felony tax evasion. Basically trying to match all the numbers up.
  14. Underarmor and synthetics in general are really overrated. Buy some merino wool. On the cheap end is minus33, on the expensive end is icebreaker. All of it is well worth the money. I started off wearing a variety of synthetics from walmart and target. The helped and did work. I noticed a huge jump in in warmth and general comfort when I went to wool. Icebreaker is well worth the money if you can swing it, the fit and quality are better than my minus33, but it has help up fine as well. I have since gotten rid of all my synthetics. My closet only has merino wool in it now. Granted it is quite the small wardrobe but it all works amazingly well.