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  1. The golf mode is the super slow mode for people to analyze their golf swings. I shot a 157 on a par 71 today....that's all the analysis I need...gonna stick to freeflying...
  2. Ditto on what Eric said about jump's how I mounted mine. I wanted a removeable setup so I wouldn't have a plastic bracket blocking my stills mount. I ended up sacrificing an old bogen QR base. I stuck the gopro sticky mount onto the bogen and then attached the bogen to my flatlockbase with a simple nut/bolt.
  3. I'd been using VLC to watch quicktime I've got QT installed and Vegas is playing nicely with the GoProHD. A 2-minute fix for a problem that vexed me for continue to amaze me. Thanks for all you do for this sport... -Trevor
  4. I just did two jumps with the GoPro Hero HD set to 720p60 and I really like the picture quality. My only problem is that I can't figure out a way to edit it! I am running windows 7 64 and Vegas 8.1 and Vegas won't open the GoPro HD's MP4 files. I've tried a slew of free converters but nothing is retaining the original quality. Anyone having any luck? (aside from Macs running final cut pro)
  5. I ordered mine Oct 7 direct from GoPro...track# says it will arrive tomorrow
  6. Here's a video of me doing this technique a few years ago on a XAOS 21 88 loaded at 2.3:1. It works every time for me and I've never had to cutaway line twists: {edited to fix link}
  7. looks like the same technique is being discussed in this thread:;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  8. I keep my hands on my risers spreading them apart as my canopy opens. When I have line twists, instead of spreading my risers apart and kicking my legs, I simply twist my risers in the opposite direction of twist. This moves the twist down to my chest and the resulting tension spins me back around and out of the twists. I don't know if this technique is unique to my canopy (XAOS 21 88) and 2.3 wingloading, but it works every time. I have never had to cutaway line twists. I do it in this video below: {edited to fix link}
  9. CX100 dubbing is one-way only: Camera Internal to Memory Stick All CX100 users should jump with the camera set to "record to internal memory". Then you can pass your memory stick around to other people to copy their footage. There is no way to dub from "stick to internal", but at least you have all the dubbed footage on your stick to download to your computer when you get home....
  10. video from my camera; photo by Brian Buckland; pep talk by Mick Nuttall...
  11. forgot the attachment for this post...
  12. this is from the cover of the DVD that anyone can order at text should be at the FAI website in the next few days
  13. I just got a cookie box lightning fast from chutingstar and did the same sidemount I did with the CX7... It's got a Z-kulls bracket so it's removable and the Hypeye Pro is completely self contained inside the box and the FH70 battery fits. The indicator light sits alongside the Century Optic "baby death" .3 fisheye. The hypeye LED is clearly visible in my field of vision (much better than when I tucked the indicator into my sunglasses). The 'Baby death" does not protrude past the Cookie box enough to catch a riser. This whole setup does not protrude any further than my PC100 did on it an l bracket w/ neoprene condom. I get much less torque on my neck with the side mount vs the top mount. I have about 200 jumps with the CX7 sidemounted and 2000 with the PC100 sidemounted. It might look funny having such a large lens, but the HD video from the baby death is worth it on a big TV...
  14. That Opteka looks identical to the only worry is that they just copied the Century with very cheap glass....i'd love to see a resolution test...
  15. If you're willing to go to Colorado, you might want to consider going to San Fran. Fly in the iFly tunnel and make $13 jumps at Lodi...