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  1. Thanks for your photos dquinn01, i ended up going for exactly the same setup.
  2. Great stuff guys, keep the photos coming!
  3. Thanks for getting the ball rolling! I was tossing up between the Baby Death or the .55, ended up with the .55 but i have a feeling the .3 will be in the mail shortly. I also like the way you have done they hypeye, having it all in the box is great! Keep it coming everyone!
  4. Hey everyone The last few weeks i have been obsessively trying to decide on what enclosure / helmet combination was best suited for my cx100. After going through every cx100 thread, contacting the manufactures and scouting my dz i am no closer to making a decision. I have seen the cx100 side mounted at my dz using the cookie MVX and black box and it just looks strange. The camera is so small and the enclosure is so.... shoe box like To date the best mounting example of this camera in my opinion is http://e-claire246.livejournal.com/65613.html Anyway i digress, how about posting up your cx100 pride and joy. Lets make a collection of examples to help all potential cx100 users pick their helmet/enclosure combination based on images rather than pictures of boxes that look terrible in real life.