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  1. how many of you jumpers are just fun jumpers,is is frownd apon if you have a busy llife with kids and you dont really do to much of the disciplines but do the occasional club accuracy stuff,and just all round jump for fun when time permits
  2. is a 170 to much to handle for someone off there students and on a..or is 200+better to stay on longer...so many good buys for beginer rigs with 170s
  3. your taught to kick out of line twists but see alot of guys reaching for the risers and trying to spread them apart....is this dangerous can your hand get caught in a tightly bound twist and whats the best canopy for a A licensed jumper that get the least line twists provided that its packed and deployed right
  4. how many jumps should you have before taking on a wingsuit course
  5. im torn between sky diving or hang gliding,dont no which one to learn,has anyone done both or any advice??
  6. which is safer ??skydiving or hang gliding,mate thinks hang gliding but i think the other
  7. thanks for your input..cheers,hav you had any injuries since starting??im thinking of takeing up the sport
  8. how do most jumpers go about insurance,,im sure there are a lot of family jumpers,so in the event of an injury ,what income protection can you get.
  9. regarding injuries with larger canopys compared to high performance canopys,are you more likely to snap an ankle on high performance canopys are most of landing injuries stem from above intermediate canopys..
  10. if you dont mind me asking how did you break your leg..
  11. what are the stats on the injuries caused by down size n canopys when not ready if at all ready for performance chutes
  12. im new to the sport so excuse my niativity but do you always pay for a someone to pack for you
  13. is there jumpers out there that just like to jump for fun and use intermedieate canopys to lessen the twists and breaks of landings...instead of pushing that envelope with smaller high performance canopys
  14. how does one tell if the glide ratio will be enough to get to a off landing area or if you will make it bak to the d.z.or do people look a certain distance and choose somewhere in that area,what makes you think whether your just going to fall short basically how do jumpers gauge there cone area....sorry for long post
  15. when u start you have time to hang out all w;end jump n and have n drinks at nite but when life gets busy and you have kids how do you fit time in....do people jump every couple of weeks or try get a jump in before or after pik n kids up would love to hear from people who juggle life and jumping