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  1. I am looking for a rigger in Oklahoma that can do my repacks. I any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. In fact... If any help is needed I can provide 3d modelling and engineering to help with design of such boots!
  3. I don't know why everyone is so stuck on level flight.... Strap one of these to each foot via a boot, add cutaway capabilities in case a battery goes bad (they catch fire not explode so its not like a land mine and if used within spec rarely have issues) and if it increases the glide ratio from 2:1 to 3:1 or even just 2:7 or something that would be awesome! We spend mass amount of time and money getting bigger suits and using gps to get the best glide ratio possible and this is a huge step in that endeavor! If I could afford it I would make some boots myself!
  4. I lost my pop top cover on my rig and need anot her one. Dies anyone know where I can get one or who can make one? Even if there is a pattern available. Any help would be great! Please don't just tell me to buy another rig....
  5. Really, because you should remove the magazine first then clear the chamber.... if you "clear" the chamber first you will reload another bullet if the magazine is not removed..... so maybe you shouldn't own a weapon.
  6. I am not a TI but I do a lot of photography and have a lot of input from those who don't do photography or skydive and here is what I think. These students are here for a thrill (sorry but its true) and we also live in the era where people like to document every moment and they do it by taking pictures of themselves. This is so true that they put front facing cameras on phones and such. Even though the quality may suck the people care more about the experience of taking the picture and their involvement than any artistic value. Infact, the more involvement they have in the product the more they like it because it makes it more memorable. If thats what they want then give it to them. This is why it is becoming so popular to have "photobooths" and disposable cameras and photo event apps at wedding and other events and it is these poor quality photos that people love even over the several thousand spent for the professional photographer. In addition, some shakiness and lower quality makes it seem more real in their minds. Its more like what they think they experienced and movie makers even use the shaky technique in movies (they use it a lot in "reality" shows) to make the film more "believable". So, once again, from a purely marketing and artistic aspect, from the purchasers side they will not only like the product but, in many cases, will actually like it more (especially when they get to film themselves under canopy). Finally, the idea that they need to concentrate 100% on the skydive, in my opinion, may not be the best thing. By giving them a little distraction they will be more alert and relaxed ultimately making them respond better instead of focusing fully on something their brain is telling them may kill them. Think about it, when people get scared or freak out how do we help them through the task at hand? By distracting them.
  7. Well, I downloaded it and it looks great so far! Can't wait to give it a try! It looks like it will do everything I want and more! Thanks!
  8. Also, any thoughts on making a chest mount for a galaxy s3 so it can be seen while the app is running? Obviously I have no wingsuiting experience yet and will be learning from a wingsuit coach but would like others input on this as well.
  9. I will be buying a wingsuit soon and was looking at some gps apps to help me learn the performance of the suit. I did some searching here and elsewhere and found an app called baseline flight computer and was wondering if anyone here has used it? It can work as an audible altimeter, glide ratio audible signals and such but I was also wondering if it does gps mapping which can be viewed later. Also, what has been your experience in general with the app. It looks interesting!
  10. Adolf Hitler said: "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty." The following link asks a great question :Gun Free Zones obviously do nothing to deter the mentally disturbed individual and merely unarm law-abiding citizens. Do Gun Free Zones schools such as Virginia Tech, which suffered a mass casualty shooting in 2008 have a responsibility to the safety of their students if they disarm them? Think about it: How does laws regulate or control people who break the law? Answer: it doesn't. All it does is control those who do follow the law and, in the case of gun laws, put the power in the hands of criminals.
  12. Haha, that yawning bright door is terrifying at first, swallowing the passengers one by one with a great roar each time. The jump master, with inexplicable calmness, checking they've been fully digested before signalling for the next sacrifice to move into position. I'd love to see these over the aircraft doorways, but it's probably a safety violation. Plus the cool crowd wouldn't be amused... ...but I'd be! p.s. The breathing, visualization and meditation exercises suggested by others were helpful for me. They didn't make the fear go away (at first), but they put a damper on it.
  13. "I hate to end their fun," Jones said, "but I'd just like to see them move to an area that's less populated." Or he could move to a less populated area! Someone else in the article said their were stunt planes that fly low and often as well and they didn't think it was the skydiving plane!
  14. Why not make the downsizing separate from a license in some way such as listing it on the license itself. In other words when you demonstrate the ability and/or take a class you get approved for downsizing just like you get approved to be a coach or instructor?
  15. Considering I know a guy in just that situation (I don't know if he has had any training) I can most definitely say it won't help.
  16. That is a huge assumption. We could also assume that allowing nothing below a 1.0 WL would reduce deaths under canopy however that may increase the deaths due to people attempting HP landings on a 1 WL which provides little to no margin of error. Or we can assume anything and as a result regulate anything. WL is not the problem its the pilot, which, as you have said is linked to education, however, considering that these deaths are mainly linked to swooping by people who had the experience and education, it is doubtful at best that such regulation would have any effect. Swooping is risky but thats why they do it and they know it. I don't know what it is but there must be a better approach to this situation. Also, has anyone considered not linking WL and just requiring canopy courses for each license?
  17. There are already words for that. Its called being prodigious or discriminatory which we all are. We discriminate against low jump number people with the USPA regulations technically.
  18. Very nice response. I recognize there is a need for limitation, however, I believe those limitations should be set by the DZO. As you pointed out, the USPA got a letter from the government. Lets face it, it all comes back to the government regulating our freedom. I don't intend this to be a political post, however, this is a political subject in this aspect. Currently, a DZO does have the ability to choose not to be a part of the USPA, however, the majority find it far more of an advantage, as I do, to be a part of the USPA. The USPA may not be government funded but ultimately is government driven from the aspect that the government will simply take over at some point if the USPA doesn't do what they want it to do so, basically, the end result is the same, versus letting the free market dictate, if that means the market likes what you propose then so be it. I, in my limited knowledge of this sport, wonder at what point a free market would find these rules too far reaching, however, since these decisions are ruled by a government push we will ultimately never know. I, based on the statistics and the fact it points to deaths with people that have the knowledge these rules wish to bestow on people, believe they are over reaching. I may be wrong. However, I still maintain that my life is mine and if I wish to loose it I should be free to due so, although it may be hard to find someone who will let me get in their plane in order to allow my poor decision to due so. This is how the USPA is to save lives. Should it become a government mandate it is a different story. "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." PS. I appreciate the USPA and its efforts.
  19. Why don't we require AADs? Why don't we require RSL? Why not Hook knives and training signoff for them? Why don't we require rigs with tuck tabs? Why not certain materials? How about the USPA regulate BASE? How about require 7 cell mains? These could all save peoples lives! If I want to buy something then I should be able to do what I want. We all understand the sport is risky and we can choose to increase or decrease the risk to ourselves. If a DZO doesn't want to you jump cause of your lack of experience he will not let you on his airplane. I am wondering at what point the USPA may become so restrictive that the majority begins to move away from it. The USPA was established to help protect our freedom from the US Government, not to remove our freedom for the US Government.
  20. And that would be accurate as all that is ultimately being payed for by us and if we didn't have all that involved then we would have that money in our pockets. Its the same way a company looks at the actual cost of its product. You must factor in everything from the cost of the material to the labor, to the forklift and its gas and maintenance cost, and the insurance on the labor, etc. This is why is saves a company money to make a workplace safe or provide place for employees to exercise which ultimately lowers insurance cost for the company making their product more affordable. This is why government intervention results in higher prices.
  21. How is it toyota can make a profit and GM can't? Its not a prius. The prius uses a gas motor to run an electric generator that moves the car. The Volt has a large battery that is charged by a electrical socket. Once that is out of juice a motor kicks in. The battery and charging technology is what makes it so much more expensive.
  22. If this is the wrong forum for this.... sorry. Does anyone know where I can find the piece they use in the helmet cutaway system. It is like a clevis pin that the yellow cable goes through. I didn't see anything like it at homedepot so I imagine I will have to order one somewhere. Thanks!
  23. creationism hasn't been discredited, it just has no evidence to back it. That's in stark contrast to geocentrism or flat earthism, which even centuries ago could be disproven. seems like philosophy would be the place to stick it, but not a subject that gets a lot of time in school. To infer a designer is common in science. It is the key purpose of sciences from archaeology to the search for extraterrestrial life.
  24. The money to which you refer is not actually income. The approximate 15% rate which people are talking about is actually a double tax which is unconstitutional.