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  1. pilot-one


    Skydive San Marcos is the closest full time turbine dropzone. Skydive South Texas is on Mustang Island which is closer but is a part time 182 dz.
  2. pilot-one

    Are wind tunnels expanding locations?

    You will be getting one there. iFly has 50 tunnels planned in the next 5 years.
  3. pilot-one

    Head Down Video

    Joao Tambor has a learning to freefly DVD series that is awesome. You might find a clip or two on youtube but you would benefit more by just ordering the Headdown DVD, plus you are supporting a fellow skydiver who took the time to actually produce the videos. www.joaotambor.com
  4. Vertical Suits in Canada.
  5. pilot-one

    The Nordic Meet - video

    That's a bad link. "page not found"
  6. pilot-one

    Mounting a GoPro on the outside of plane

    Ask the pilot first but we tape the mount to the strut. It works great.
  7. pilot-one

    freefly suit

    Something baggy.
  8. pilot-one

    Skydive Temple Kicks Ass!

    Every place that drops jumpers kicks ass.... What's so special about Temple that we need to know about?
  9. pilot-one

    braking in sitfly

    Jumpsuit with more drag and lots of practice flying "big". My girlfriend is 100 pounds lighter and we are matching our fall rates. Make sure her jumpsuit is tight and slick with as little drag as possible.
  10. pilot-one

    playing around with head down

    We recently had a discussion on this just because of the newbies coming in and trying to go from A license to head down free flying. I suggest you get in some more belly jumps and learn to feel the air and know what's really going on around you. Then read this: http://www.freeflyeuphoria.co.uk/coaching/tips.html
  11. pilot-one

    2nd Tandem reserve in 7 days

    How did you manage to get the drogue in your toe?
  12. pilot-one

    Bonehead mudflap Alti mount

    I had one of those for a little while. It gets in the way too much so I just got rid of it. Maybe you'll have better luck with it than I did.
  13. pilot-one

    Pilot 150 price

    What is the date of manufacture? Does it still have the original line set? Does it have any patches? Has it been jumped in the sand? What is the general condition? There are lots of variables to consider.
  14. pilot-one

    New Camcorder For Skydiving