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  1. All tunnels currently being planned to be built are 14' as far as I've heard. FlightShop in AZ is 14' ISG, Buzz's tunnel(s) in SD are 14' using some other design that someone told me but I've since forgotten (sorry). iFly seems to have moved up plans for SD because of Buzz's tunnel. Not true. The tunnel they are planning in San Antonio is a 12 footer.
  2. Skydive San Marcos is the closest full time turbine dropzone. Skydive South Texas is on Mustang Island which is closer but is a part time 182 dz.
  3. Temple? For freeflying? :/ A good example of the growing free fly scene in Central Texas is Ari Perelman is now organizing at Skydive San Marcos.... Yes, THAT Ari Perelman. Even though a few of us were at a tunnel camp in Austin there were at least 10 people at SSM flying this weekend with all of them flying well on their heads... It's only going to get better.
  4. I am suspect of the development of this tunnel. I was informed by a very reliable source (iFly person) that ground was broken on this project a few months ago only to find out it really wasn't. Now the story is there is some kind of lease issue. Like the Austin tunnel I will believe it when I see it.
  5. Central and South Texas Freefly is growing like crazy. It was before the Austin tunnel and is even growing faster now with the tunnel. San Marcos is where it's happening so if you're not there you probably won't see it. I can think of more than a dozen good flying regulars and another 15 less experienced that are sit flying well and on their way to head down flying. Just 2 years ago there were maybe a total of about 5 altogether. I call that growing big time.
  6. I have the same problem. I have to put both hands back in order to reach. if I reach one arm back and the other over my head in the classic pull position I cannot reach. This is because as i reach my left arm above my head my trap muscle pulls the rig up higher. The harder i reach the farther away the hacky is. If I put both hands back then I have no problem. I do have to be careful not to get head low when doing this so I start out kind of head high and then reach. Since my level 4 AFF i have not missed it yet doing it this way in 1500 skydives.
  7. A group 7 of us from SSM have flown a bunch. There's even more that are coming from Spaceland and a big group yesterday from Dallas. Also, they broke ground yesterday on the next tunnel in Dallas.
  8. I flew quite a bit of time yesterday and aside from a few glitches the tunnel itself is good to good. It is really nice. Tall glass, no seams, very smooth air and NOT air locked. Not sure how Alan did this but the anti chamber can be opened up and you can walk in and out while the fans are turning. January 15 is the big day. I'm not sure if anyone can fly now or what the deal is. I myself will be hitting it hard for the next 2 weeks. :)
  9. You will be getting one there. iFly has 50 tunnels planned in the next 5 years.
  10. I tip $100/flight hour. It's well worth it. They are always excited when I return and I get decent scheduling without having to ask.
  11. Very soon they will be offering steeply discounted time with a few restrictions but well worth the savings. If you can afford a 20 hour block it will be super duper cheap. When they get the new website up is when the pre sale will start. I can't be exactly sure but I think the website will be www.iflyworld.com
  12. I'm pretty sure it was Nick Buckley from the Houston area.
  13. pilot-one

    G3 Helmet

    Considering Arsenal wears them, AZ Drive wears them Standard wears them among many other VFS teams and almost every tunnel instructor is wearing them they are VERY proven for free flying. I have a G2 that I love. I now have a G3 that i also love. Don't even consider another full face. Just get the G3 and move on.